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   Chapter 442 Loving You Is The Tragedy Of My Life (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8432

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Manny's speech, instead of reassuring the man-in-charge, worsened the situation. Not only did it make him more anxious, but he also became indignant. Knowing there was nothing he could do at this point, and that even anger was useless, the man-in-charge just gritted his teeth in frustration. He understood that as much as he disliked the way Manny put it in words, he was only telling the truth.

Suddenly, the door swung open then slammed shut. Spark walked in with Mark in his arms, and Molly right behind them. Manny's eyes lit up in relief at the sight of them. Honestly, he had doubts about Spark's showing up tonight. He also didn't expect Molly to be with him, but she seemed oblivious to the purpose of the concert.

"Spark!" the man-in-charge exclaimed. He was now extremely delighted and couldn't hide it. "It is so good to see you," he said enthusiastically, as he approached to greet the musician.

Instead of smiling back, Spark looked at him with contempt. There was a rebellious look in his eyes, while the rest of his face was impassive. "I'm glad that I am not your nightmare," he said rudely.

His reply shocked the man, although he quickly covered it by smiling subserviently and answering, "How is that possible? You're joking, of course. I love your music very much. I think they're all wonderful and excellent as they convey a lot of hope."

"Ah… so you mean to say that I am superior to your idol goddess?" His voice was steady but there was a hint of mockery in the tone. He glanced at the man who suddenly looked embarrassed. With a careless shrug and one brow lifted, he walked past the man-in-charge with Mark still in his arms.

Stunned by Spark's behavior, Molly glanced at the man with an embarrassed smile. She felt sorry for him and didn't think he deserved Spark's harsh treatment. Smiling politely, Molly said in fluent English, "We're very sorry for the trouble we've caused you. Please know that we appreciate your help with this concert."

Rather than be grateful for her words, he looked at Molly with scorn. He considered her no more than an insignificant assistant, so there was no need to show her any respect. He said nothing and just threw her a vicious, vindictive look before leaving the backstage.

With a shrug of her shoulders, Molly's lips curled slightly and took no offense at the man's irreverence. She proceeded to place Spark's violin on the table.

Mark tottered towards her, held out a little hand then lightly grabbed the hem of her dress. He then lift

e same delicate, enticing eyes from long ago. Memories of Molly came flooding back. It was the thought of her that weighed down his heart and caused him pain and fear all these years.

Unaware of Brian's anguish. Wing gently caressed the book in her hand as she muttered, "It would be so nice if I can play this with Spark."

For a while, she seemed lost in thought of envisioning the scenario. Weston approached her and held her in a gentle embrace. "I just heard that Spark is performing here today. I could find him and ask if he'd be interested," he whispered to his wife.

"Spark is performing here today?" She wondered.

Her husband nodded to confirm the information.

Excitement flared in Wing's eyes, but just as quickly faded and in its place came a flash of disappointment. Lowering her head, she said, "I don't think he'd be willing to play with me. But it doesn't matter. You can't always have everything. Sometimes, imperfection is part of life's beauty," she lamented.

There was a stirring of pity for his wife. Weston understood her misgivings. Unlike in the past, Spark's popularity had soared to great heights. The man had always been arrogant, so it was not likely for him to agree to collaborate with anyone. Still, Weston didn't want to disappoint Wing. If ever there was the slightest chance for Wing and Spark to play music together, Weston would do his best to fulfill her wish.

"Don't worry, I'll go talk to him," he promised. At the sound of the door opening, they turned to see who it was. But no one saw Brian walk out of the room, nor did anyone notice that he had left.

Emotions suddenly overwhelmed Brian, prompting him to go out.

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