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   Chapter 441 Loving You Is The Tragedy Of My Life (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7091

Updated: 2019-03-30 00:16

Brian sat motionlessly. His eyes were fixed on Wing and Weston as they hit the last note of their musical piece.

It's as if the rise and fall of the notes hypnotized Brian.

The music transported him to another place and made his deep, dark eyes filled with emotion. His consciousness seemed to drift into somewhere tense, unpleasant, and uneasy.

"Brian?" A frown creased Becky's face as she noted the tension around him. With a hint of disappointment, she asked, "What's the matter?"

Her voice snapped Brian out of the trance-like state, and he turned to look at Becky. But instead of seeing her delicate, luminous face, his eyes took on a look that was a mixture of fear and indifference, like he was staring into a deep, dark void.

"I need to get out for a while," he said apologetically. After hesitating briefly, he rose from his seat and told Becky, "You wait here."

His words stung. But before she could get up, Brian had risen and strode off. A chill crept up her spine at being embarrassed publicly. Bewildered, Becky remained rigid on the edge of her seat for a few moments, before sitting back in her chair. She felt numb as she watched Brian walk away. Then her initial reaction was replaced by resentment and irritation. She couldn't help but clench her fists tightly at the thought of being left behind by herself, which was wrong and disconcerting.

Shutting her eyes for a moment, Becky took slow, deep breaths while holding a hand against her chest to calm her down. The incident just fueled her determination, and she vowed to be as strong and persistent as ever. In her head, she kept saying, 'Becky, you will not be defeated. You will never be defeated. Just stay with him. Be there for him as you've always been. One day, he will eventually come to you. His heart may be cold and icy now, but if you continue to hold it, one day it will warm up. You only have to remember that Brian is yours. While he may have given his heart to that girl four years ago, don't dwell on it. You must bear this one thing in mind. That is, in Brian's heart, an exclusive place that belongs only to you. O

s halting, Tony turned to look and followed the direction of Brian's gaze. But there was no one there.

Mentally shaking his head, Brian paused momentarily then came out of his trance-like state. Holding the present firmly, he proceeded to the hall as if nothing happened. He convinced himself that he was merely hallucinating or projecting an innermost desire. But as he walked on, there was a flash of disappointment in his eyes.


Backstage at the No 4 Concert Hall

Backstage, Manny stood consulting with the man-in-charge. He kept looking at the door as if anxiously waiting for someone. His eyes glinted in slight annoyance.

"Manny, is Spark coming or not?" The man-in-charge asked impatiently. Although annoyed that Spark was late for the performance, he didn't show it. Spark was a renowned musician and well respected in the music industry worldwide, so no one ever dared to rebuke him for being late.

Already antsy himself, Manny grumbled silently. The concert would soon begin, and there was still no sign of Spark. Although he was as anxious and agitated as the man beside him, Manny didn't want to display his emotions. In a subtle voice, he said slowly, "Spark has never been absent in any of his concerts. Tonight, he will be performing to return a favor for Princess Sophie. She is the only important guest this evening, so Spark knows what this concert means, and he will be here!"

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