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   Chapter 440 The Silence Before The Storm (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7102

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Smart's eyes brimmed with pain. She already knew this. She had known from the beginning that the woman Frank had fallen in love with was Shirley, the person who always had a smile of hope. Frank had forsaken his principles and had taken part in the race for her, something which he had disdained the most. For her, Frank had given up his freedom, which he had longed for the most. He took over the Dragon Empire Group and the political power of the Dragon Island. And for her sake, Frank had married Smart, to let her peacefully love the person whom she had fallen in love with. He had only wanted to prove to her that he had gotten over her and that he had obtained his own happiness with Smart.

Smart had known all along, yet when he had proposed to her, she was very happy. She had believed that she could replace Shirley's position in his heart sooner or later, but she had been wrong. Shirley was a unique existence for Frank. Even though he had never betrayed her since the beginning of their marriage, even though Frank liked her very much, it still wasn't true love.

A layer of mist gradually covered her eyes. Smart was always afraid of looking too cowardly in front of her son, but he was smart and he had known the truth all along.

Realizing that his mother was about to burst into tears, Eric felt extremely guilty. He walked around the desk and held her in his arms, "I'm sorry, mom."

Smart shook her head with teardrops glistening in her eyes and a faint smile on her lips. She said slowly, "Nobody can control love. And nobody can understand where another person's true happiness lies. Perhaps your father has not fallen in love with me, but it has been the happiest thing in my life to be together with him. His heart is not all mine, but I do have a place in there. That is my happiness. Do you understand?"

Eric did not say a word. He only tightened his arm around her.

"I'm not here because your father and I want to prevent you from chasing what you want," Smart sighed and said slowly. "I'm here to tell you that you and Brian are cousins and that you two share the same blood of the Long Fa

e a call, asking you to give an informal appearance on stage at the Golden Saal Wiener Musikverein."

"How annoying." Spark brooded because he did not like doing that kind of things.

Molly was already accustomed to his arrogance. Spark did have the qualification to be arrogant.

"Manny has been waiting for us there," Molly walked towards the door with Mark in her arms. "Anyway, Mark wants to have a look at it in advance."


At the Golden Saal Wiener Musikverein

Brian and Becky watched Wing and Weston play the finale for the concert tomorrow from their spectator seats. The song was composed by Weston as a dedication for Wing and their love.

Due to the technical coordination and soul-to-soul understanding between two top-level musicians, the light and flexible sound of the piano, and the low and deep sound of the violoncello matched perfectly. The sprinkling notes gave expression to their story incisively and vividly, from their first meeting, to their separation, and their meeting again... Hearing the music, Brian recalled that winter night, the one with her...

When they finished playing, Brian's mind came back to reality. His eyes, which were like black orbs, turned deep and bottomless.

'Mol, I have a feeling that we will be meeting soon, '

Brian thought. He squinted his falcon-like eyes while the deep dark light from his eyes turned sharp and cold all of a sudden.

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