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   Chapter 439 The Silence Before The Storm (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6156

Updated: 2019-03-30 00:02

I don't know what I am waiting for, just as I don't know what is waiting for me.


At the Flight Media in T City

"This meeting is over!"

a deep voice filled with unruly arrogance said. When everybody else quietly breathed a sigh of relief, Eric stood up and walked out of the meeting room in a cold manner. Lenny picked up all the documents and papers that were used at the meeting and caught up with him.

Without saying a word, the two headed to the office on the top floor. Standing in the narrow elevator, Lenny glanced at Eric occasionally with her seductive eyes. She wanted to ask him about something that was on her mind, but limited by her position, she could not open her mouth.

"Lenny," Eric's cool voice broke the silence, "do you have something to say?"

Lowering her eyes slowly, Lenny answered reverently, "No, Young Master."

A wild and attractive smile appeared at a corner of Eric's mouth as he said slowly, "You're wondering if I will fight against my cousin for Becky since he has come back and they might be together, right?"

Eric had correctly guessed what Lenny had been thinking about, but she did not feel amiss. She only raised her eyes and answered, "Yes."

"I won't,"

said Eric firmly. The elevator arrived at the top floor. As soon as the door opened, Eric stepped out and continued saying, "I don't know if I will ever fight against my cousin for anything else, but I won't do it for Becky."

Eric paused and the light in his eyes did not look evil, like it always did. But it had turned darker. He wore an almost invisible sneer and said slowly, "Too many things have changed in the past four years. Cousin Brian is more cold-blooded and heartless than before. Besides, according to my father, he probably has surpassed Uncle Richie. However, all that doesn't matter to me."


ly, "If you are going to ask anything about matters between me and Brian, I will tell every member of your generation in the Long Family that I'm determined to have Little Molly, and that I won't give up even if somebody gets hurt."

Smart frowned, "Eric..."

"Mom!" Eric interrupted Smart as he looked at her with his unruly eyes, there was an expression of remorse in them. He grinded his teeth quietly and said, "Love should be fought for, instead of being conceded. Compared to living in my own fantasy, I prefer to be hurt and disillusioned."

Smart was shocked and hurt by what her son had said. Tightening her hold on the glass of wine, she took a deep breath to calm herself. She said slowly, "Love should not be plundered either, and love involves more than one person."

"You and father have never been truly happy in your life." Smart's heart was broken to pieces by the cold words. The expression on her face kept changing. Eric felt guilty that he was making his mother feel this way, but he knew that what he said was true. The truth wouldn't disappear just because no one talked about it. He said, "Mom, I don't want to follow in your old path. Even if I get hurt, I want to be hurt without any regrets."

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