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   Chapter 438 Everything Has Changed (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6022

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But the Long Family members did have one thing in common: it was their penchant for love and affection. Undoubtedly everyone was passionate in their love but passion didn't always translate well - none of them ever had an easy journey with love.

Hawk had never been interested in anyone else since Ava died. Ava was the former director of the External Publicity Department. This bar, where Brian and Hawk were, was for Ava who had always loved wine. Even after Ava's death, Hawk kept the bar in memory of her.

Hawk poured two glasses of wine, handing one to Brian, "Try it. It's from my latest collection."

"Uncle Hawk, are all the good wines in your cellar gone because of me and Eric?" Brian asked flatly, swirling his glass slowly. The wine followed the swirling - the red a contrast to the clear glass.

He raised the glass to his lips and sipped slowly - enjoying every drop. This particular wine was pungent and sweet at the same time.

Hawk smiled, "I don't mind you and Eric drinking my wine, but Eric sometimes makes Lenny steal from the cellar. A lot of my collection has been stolen by either Eric or Lenny, actually."

Brian subtly smiled recalling one night when Eric went to the Grand Night Casino with stolen wine. That was around five years ago, Eric had told him that Lenny stole the wine. At that time, that woman!


Brian kept his memory to himself. His eyes had darkened, his face unreadable.

Hawk just kept watching Brian's face. He noticed Brian's eyes had darkened and he knew what it meant. It was the same darkened eyes that his older brother had, the same look he had gotten used to over the years. Hawk had heard some rumors here and there about Brian and some woman. Four years later, he still didn't know what happened.

Nobody except some people pr

somehow still see Molly's face. But after a while, it changed back to Becky's face. This had often happened for Brian. Sometimes, he saw Molly and sometimes he saw Becky. Other times, he couldn't tell who he was looking at.

As the plane flew across the sky, the captain of the plane buzzed through the sound system. Becky was looking forward to this trip - she had been for a long time because she hadn't seen Brian in the last four years. And when she saw him again, she realized how much she really loved him. For four years, she waited the same way he had waited for her before.

Brian was ignoring Becky who was staring intently at him. He was focused on his laptop, his fingers like lighting. Suddenly, Brian stopped. He stared at his laptop screen where he was looking through all the data. He felt his heart sink.

He realized how ridiculous it was for him to build a high wall in Hell Forest as soon as he saw Becky. That was what he was doing in the last four years. And in those four years, Molly had never left his mind, not for a second.

He shut his laptop closed and decided to get some shuteye. Molly kept flashing in his mind so vividly as if she had never left him at all. .

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