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   Chapter 437 Everything Has Changed (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5721

Updated: 2019-03-29 01:28

You will always find a person who will stand by you no matter what you are going through.


Vienna is known as the "City of Music." It is deemed worldwide with high prestige with its rich culture and inebriant music that can be found and heard anywhere you go in the city. If you go to Vienna, not only will you be able to enjoy and appreciate all kinds of music but you can also make it as a musician.

Molly, Spark, and Mark were hand in hand talking a walk alongside the river of Danube. Since she began working as Spark's assistant, Molly had been constantly exposed to music. Spark, meanwhile, had been massively inspired by Molly since they had started living together.

People had thought that Spark took a hiatus because he could no longer find inspiration and thus unable to make new music. But a year later, Spark had released "A Mark of Summer" that had been renowned worldwide with its success. The hit melody brought out a multitude of emotions from people all over the world. It was as if it could reach out to the very core of your soul and force you to face your deepest fear then bring you hope. It was like a person was on the brink of death and came out healthier and happier than ever - which was what musicians aspired to do.

People said that Spark almost always just came out of hiatus once a year to release a melody, made a few appearances, did a few interviews, and so and so. But this time around, people were curious as to what he was planning to do with his new melody.

At that time, Molly had asked him, "So what does the melody mean?"

He answered, "The baby marks a new start of our lives. Because of you and the baby, Spark Su has been reborn; because of Spark Su

we want."

Mark glanced at Manny too as if to sympathize. For a while, it seemed as if he didn't want to leave Manny but in the end, he nodded to Spark.

Spark's eyes shone when Mark nodded yes to him. Holding Mark in his arms, they quickly left the riverside of Danube.


In the Dragon Island


The sound of a saxophone rung throughout the whole bar. Brian was sitting in a private room with a glass of wine in hand. He spent most of his time at this bar every time he went to the Dragon Island, mostly for the world-class selection of wines that they have.

Hawk, with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, slid through the drawn curtains, "Done with everything?"

"Hmm." Brian murmured softly. He kept his face expressionless as he watched Hawk open the bottle of wine he had brought.

The Long Family members were distinguished by having a distinct characteristic. For Hawk, it was his temper that never wavered. He was always so soft-spoken and gentle; understanding in his words and patient in his actions. He was always the one to mediate whatever tension there was - when he was there, peace was inevitable.

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