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   Chapter 436 Time Erases Everything, Time Erases Nothing (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8041

Updated: 2019-03-29 00:36

"Noooo!" Molly squeaked hoarsely, waking up with a start and suddenly sitting up in bed. With her hand clutching her chest, she gasped for breath, looking around with blank eyes.

Finding herself in her own bedroom, she let out a relieved sigh and gradually calmed down. As it was still too early, she flung herself to the bed again. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get back to sleep, so she lay wide-eyed staring at the ceiling.

She had been having this recurring dream for the past four years. In the dream, there was a handsome man who kept saying "Don't try to run away from me". It went on every night, his threats and his handsome face always haunted her.

The prolonged staring at the ceiling hurt her eyes. After her eye operation four years ago, she hadn't taken good care of her eyes. Her frequent crying abused her eyes and it seemed not to have recovered completely.

Thinking about her eyes, her heart wrenched. Sadness filled her soul. She had lost a part of herself that she could never bring back. She closed her eyes tightly as if to ward off the stinging memory.

Four years ago, she left Brian and A City behind her for good. No matter how much time had passed, the memories of those days when she just arrived in London with nothing but a desolate heart, still managed to hurt her. She couldn't imagine what her and Mark's life would be like without Spark.

Thinking of Mark, her heart swelled with maternal love. When she was pregnant with Mark, Dr. He had warned her that the drugs during that operation might have a bad effect on her unborn child and advised her to terminate her pregnancy. But she insisted on keeping the baby. It was the only part of Brian that she could take with her and she couldn't bear to part with it. She struggled with depression after she left Brian and went to the UK. She had completely withdrawn inside herself and was reluctant to mingle with other people. She was in a melancholic for some time. Luckily, these unhealthy factors didn't affect the growth of her unborn child. After he was born, the doctor examined him thoroughly and pronounced that the baby was very healthy and there was nothing to worry about except that he was unable to speak.

Even with the doctor's assurance, however, Molly still had some misgivings. The more she thought about it, the more she got anxious. She consoled herself, 'Don't worry, he will grow

for Molly. But he hadn't. Had he already forgotten her? Or maybe he was a heartless man? No one could figure out what was on his mind and he seemed to have gotten better at hiding his feelings than before.

Meanwhile, Eric had taken over the Shadow Organization. He was not only the head of Shadow Organization, but also a force to be reckoned with in National Congress. To all intents and purposes, Dragon Island was in his palm. As if by tacit agreement with Brian, Eric also didn't search for Molly. It seemed that they both believed in fate. What will be, will be. Let God decide the future…

"Brian, I'll fly to Vienna with Weston this afternoon. How about you?" Wing asked, throwing Brian a quizzical look.

Brian glanced shortly at Weston. Then he said impassively, "I have something to deal with. Once it's settled, I'll fly to Vienna directly. Don't worry, I'll be there before your concert."

Hearing this, Wing smiled up at him happily. "Okay, we'll wait for you there."

"Wing, why are you so biased?" Eric asked, his tone showing slight displeasure. "Why do you care only for Brian?"

"Aren't you coming with Brian?" Wing asked him in surprise. "Besides, since Brian was so busy, I guess you may also be busy. Even if you could run away, Uncle Frank would definitely pull you back."

Eric pursed his lips like a kid. When he was in front of her, she made him feel like a spoilt boy and not a leader of a powerful organization.

Brian stood aloof from their frolicking.

The three years of rigorous field training had hardened him and made him more indifferent than before.

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