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   Chapter 434 It's A Boy

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 10350

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Sometimes, when people do not want to dwell on painful memories, they choose to block the miserable past from their memories. And that was the case with Molly. She had finally realized that love was a game of torture and those who loved their partners more than themselves would lose the game.

The sun was shining down on Burano Island, and the water around was sparkling like diamonds. Palm trees stirred in the soft Pacific breeze. The melodious violin and the cozy weather were so intoxicating that Molly sat on a cane chair, laid her hands on her swollen belly and stared at Spark.

Spark was standing in front of Molly and playing classical songs on his violin. Her eyes were feeling heavy after a while, so she closed them slowly and listened to the beautiful music.

All of a sudden, a man's figure came into her mind. She couldn't see his face. He had a violin case in one hand and held her hand with the other. They were in a park together. She was sitting on a bench, while he was playing the violin in front of her.

Molly's lips curled upwards. On seeing her smile, Spark also flashed his row of perfect teeth. He loved to see Molly smile, even though he knew that she wasn't smiling because of him.

Spark looked away and continued to play the tune — The Summer Breeze. But soon, the pictures in Molly's mind changed. In a world of ice and snow, a man grabbed her hand, but she could hardly breathe this time.

Molly breathed rapidly, clenching her fists. She shook her head in an attempt to shake away the unpleasant pictures, but failed.

She struggled hard to free herself, but the man held her more tightly. She was so scared that she wanted to run away from him, but he said in a low, cold voice, "Molly Xia, you can't just intrude into my life and then leave as you please."

Molly's face paled. The man was approaching closer. He said in a fierce tone, "Don't ever try to leave me, not in this life! Molly Xia, I won't let you leave. You'd better listen to me.

You'll stay here all your life.

I won't allow you to leave.


Molly trembled, not able to recognize the man. "Don't! Go away! Don't!" she yelled.

"Mol? Mol? Wake up, Mol! Are you okay?"

Molly heard Spark's anxious voice, and she quickly opened her eyes. Before she could say anything, she was gripped by a sharp pain in her abdomen. Her face twitched, and she had no time to think about the man in her dream.

"Ouch! That hurts!" Molly cried, covering her belly with both her hands.

Startled, Spark asked, "What's going on? Where does it hurt? Mol? Where?"


Molly cried out in pain and she looked miserable. Something warm flowed down her legs.

"Oh my god! She's in labor!" Manny yelled hysterically as he rushed towards them after hearing her cries.

Throwing away his violin, Spark picked Molly up and ran towards the hospital on the island, which was not too far from them.

"Argh! It hurts... I can't do this." She yelled as sweat dribbled down her face. Her eyes became empty as she heard the man's voice in her mind again. 'You will never be able to le

Mr. Brian Long, three of the others have quit today," a man said.

Brian nodded indifferently, without saying anything. The aim of XK intelligence Agency's field training in Hell Forest was to select elites. Only those who held on till the end would become the elites of XK Intelligence Agency. Many of Brian's companions had quit halfway.

Brian lowered his head and looked at the teeth print on his wrist. He remembered the day when that stubborn woman grabbed his hand and bit into his wrist.

Though he was capable of getting the scar healed, he had decided not to. He treated it as an unforgettable memory. A shadow of a smile appeared on his face as he remembered Molly's face. But his smile disappeared immediately and his eyes grew darker.

'No one has ever left scars on me. Molly Xia, how dare you leave me after taking my heart away! Now I'm just a corpse walking around with no heart.'


On Burano Island, Venice

Manny was pacing back and forth in front of the delivery room. Every time he passed the door, he would stop to take a look at the door. Spark was inside with Molly, leaving Manny to wait outside alone. Every second felt like eternity.

Inside the delivery room, Molly was still biting into Spark's hand. The taste of blood in her mouth made her remember her miserable past which she had tried to forget. The memories flooded her, and she was now recalling everything.

"Push harder! The baby's head is already out," the doctor urged.

"Come on, Mol!" Spark encouraged her.

The doctor's and Spark's voices dragged Molly back from the nightmare. This was no time to recall what had happened in the past year. Finally letting go of Spark's hand, she gnashed her teeth and pushed harder.

"Here comes the baby! It's a boy!" Looking at the blood-bathed baby, the doctor and the nurses all heaved a long sigh.

Molly relaxed as her pain subsided. Staring at the teary-eyed Spark, she gasped for breath and was about to say something when the doctor's voice came from behind her.

"Why is the baby not crying?


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