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   Chapter 433 Bad Things Can Turn Out Right (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5620

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Ignoring Manny's ill manners - he behaved like a wronged daughter-in-law - Spark walked towards Molly and sat down beside her. He should have felt relieved that the pregnant woman was looking much better than when he first saw her at the subway, but he continued to worry about Molly. They'd been in Venice for six months now, and Molly was expected to go into labor in one or two months, but she didn't look good all the time. Sometimes, she didn't even recognize Spark for several minutes after waking up in the morning. The doctors on the island said she had subconsciously built a wall around herself.

Cheerfully, he said, "Mol, it's time to go back home now." His lips curved into a brilliant smile. Molly looked at him and nodded. Spark stood up first, then held out his hand so she could get up. It was becoming more difficult to move with the baby growing. Then they made their way back to the house slowly.

There was also a bright smile on Molly's lips as they walked home. Then slowly, her beautiful eyes became unfocused and turned dreamy. Molly always had one hand on her bulging belly, and her eyes flashed with hope each time the baby moved inside. But that sparkle came too quickly and was hardly seen by other people.

Spark held on to Molly's hand tightly but said nothing while they walked. He never asked Molly about what happened before he saw her in London. All he wanted was for them to live a happy and peaceful life in Venice. Spark avoided asking because he did not want to be bothered in his heart. When they first met in A City, Spark thought it would be interesting to be with Molly. Later, he felt hurt after learning they shared the same experience

The mercenary slightly frowned at the command but did as he was told and turned around without saying a word.

In camouflage clothes, Brian stood looking at the growing light of early morning which penetrated the dense forest. His eyes darkened as he looked out towards the intricate branches and thick cover of leaves.

During the zip, Brian thought he could temporarily forget Molly as he performed the high-intensity exercise where he couldn't even relieve himself for a second.

But he was only deceiving himself. Molly's face was always on his mind. He never forgot her. Instead, he had engraved her name and face in his heart.

When he was alone, he thought of nothing but her.

'Molly, I will never let you go if we meet again!

So you should pray. You'd better pray that I will never come across you in this lifetime!'

As Brian looked into the distance, hatred and ruthlessness filled his eyes. Brian tightened his lips and clenched his hands into fists.

His heart continued to twitch. Every time he thought of Molly, he would feel this pain.

He shut his eyes hoping to shut out the pain.

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