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   Chapter 431 Bad Things Can Turn Out Right (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6096

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He pulled Molly to his chest and comforted her in a soft tone, "Nobody likes you? How is that possible? I find that hard to believe because I like you so much."

The warmth she felt in Spark's embrace made Molly move closer into his arms. The movement, unfortunately, made Spark's heart tighten with bitterness. He didn't know what had happened to Molly in the past two months and he now wondered how she ended up a walking ghost.

"Spark?" he heard his name called. After recovering from the slight car mishap, Manny followed Spark and now stared at two people, perplexed over what happened. He didn't recognize the girl in Spark's arms. If memory served him right, there had never been a woman in London, or anywhere else in the world, who could make Spark panic the way he did earlier.

Paying no attention to Manny, Spark whispered in Molly's ear, "It's cold out here. Shall we go to the car?" His suggestion made her freeze momentarily.

There was no answer from the girl still burrowed in his chest. Spark waited for a few more seconds then asked again. Nothing. His brows now twisted in confusion, and Spark gently lifted her and saw Molly's deathly pale face with eyes tightly closed.

When Spark lifted the girl's face, Manny finally recognized the woman in Spark's arms was Molly, and his jaw dropped in astonishment. Gently and without hesitation, Spark lifted her as he stood up. Turning to his agent, he instructed, "Manny, go get the car!"

"Huh? Oh, all right! All right!" He was too stunned to understand what Spark said, but he quickly caught up with Spark once he got his bearings back. Spark was now a few feet ahead with Molly in his arms.

Manny drove fast to the nearest hospital, while Spark sat in the back with the unconscious Molly, with a worried look on his face. He stared at the fragil

l without the proper identification papers. Since Molly had lost all her documents, she needed to secure temporary identification from the embassy, which was still close at that hour. Spark was out of options until Manny suggested that he could call Princess Sophie for assistance. Everything was finally settled by noontime with Molly confined through the support of the Roberts family.

With the high-tech medical equipment, competent hospital staff and Princess Sophie's participation, Molly quickly underwent examination, and the results of her laboratory tests were released immediately. Spark listened intently to the doctors' report and grew more worried about Molly.

"Miss Xia will be fine once she wakes up," the doctor assured him. "However, there are indications of drug retention in her blood, and this is not good for the baby in her womb. Furthermore, she is suffering from nerve irritation, which is causing her strange behavior. Based on your description, she is likely suffering from intermittent depression and selective amnesia, which is an instinctive response among people who feel too sad or those who want to escape something they don't want to face," the physician explained to Spark.

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