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   Chapter 430 Bad Things Can Turn Out Right (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5924

Updated: 2019-03-28 00:12

Please always believe that things will change. No matter how much trauma you've suffered, how oppressed you've been, or how poor you are, you still need to hold on. The sun always rises after every sunset, and unfortunate days do come to an end. It has happened in the past, and it will happen again in the future.

Spark looked gloomy as he and Manny came out of the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Manny was driving, and he stole occasional glances at Spark before finally mumbling, "Will you stop being so stubborn, Spark?"

Instead of answering Manny, Spark continued looking out the window. It was already after two o'clock in the morning in London. They had just come from the concert "Imagination", which lasted for six hours. Spark had agreed to play one song for the show, and it annoyed him that Manny said yes to the request for an encore. The truth was Spark hated New Year's Eve and didn't care if he played one more song or did something else. What he didn't expect was to play the encore for Princess Sophie. Manny was well aware that he despised the hidden rules of celebrities like her. So, why did he agree to the encore for Princess Sophie? His acceptance was what angered Spark.

Looking out the window, he stared at the snow-covered streets. With a tone to match the cold temperature, Spark said, "I want to rest for a while. Cancel all work for me from now on!"

"Why?" Manny asked with an incredulous look. Spark didn't have to look at Manny to know he was annoyed.

Arching an eyebrow, Spark gave him a fake smile and replied, "Because I'm not happy today."

Well aware of Spark's temper, Manny could not control the bitterness he felt as he murmured, "Spark, you know there's a press conference coming up, and canceling it will affect your

as she was about to cry, wailed, "All my stuff is gone. I have nothing now. Everyone wants to drive me away. Nobody likes me. They don't want me."

As soon as she said this, Molly's eyelids lowered to conceal the sadness in her heart and she bit her frozen purple lips.

Her emotional outburst affected Spark very much. That kind of sorrow led him to a memory when something similar happened to himself a long time ago. He bit his lip furtively to control the onslaught of memories that he wanted to forget, then frowned at Molly.

Recalling the first time he met Molly in A City, Spark saw in her eyes a strong determination to survive no matter what she had suffered and how much grief it caused her. When they met again at the Golden Hall, Molly brought him to the South Street Alley where she introduced him to all kinds of delicious street food, all the while smiling excitedly. Molly resembled a happy fairy at that moment. Now looking at her, all he saw was a girl barely alive, with a mix of confusion and uncertainty in her once pretty eyes. She looked like a drowning child with not even a driftwood to cling to, or someone who lost something important in her life.

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