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   Chapter 429 Thinking Of You Day And Night (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6305

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Staring at the night sky, he said, "Go tell Richie that I will join the long-term training of XK Intelligence Agency in Hell Forest in the spring."

After hearing Brian's instructions, Tony's face suddenly changed. Brian wanted to say something more but the driver cut in, "Mr. Brian Long…"

"You have no say in this," Brian said. He withdrew his gaze from the sky. His face remained sharp but emotionless, unlike before. The man now controlled his feelings and was back to his normal self. His eyes remained dark, having lost the glimmer that was once there. "I have made up my mind."

"But your injuries…" Tony protested. His tone clearly showed his concern for Brian.

"What could possibly hurt more than what I am feeling now?" Brian replied, his voice sounding so far away. It seemed as though he was directing the question at himself. As had been his way lately, his lips curved into a bitter smile. After a moment, he turned around and went back to the villa.

Tony watched Brian's retreating back, as his heart filled with heaviness. If Mr. Brian Long participated in the training at Hell Forest with his current state of mind, it was possible that things might not end well. The training would last more than two years, even five years or more. Was the hardship going to be worth it? Was all that for Molly?

"Brian must be desperate to get back into power as soon as possible, right?"

Tony was taken aback by the low voice that seemed to come out from nowhere. He turned to look at the direction where it came from and saw Eric. Eric's sudden appearance at the villa flustered the driver. For one, because he was unaware that Brian's brother had arrived at the villa, and second because Eric's statement baffled him. He also became frustrated with himself for not noticing the man's presence. Eric was considered a strong 'enemy' that you could not ignore.

"I hav

s alone. The cold weather made her body numb, and the stone-cold steps didn't help at all. Molly knew she couldn't stay any longer. Otherwise, she would freeze to death. But right now, she had no idea what to do or where to go. Alone in a strange place, Molly had nothing and no one.

Eyes full of tears, she looked at her abdomen and rubbed it while murmuring, "Baby, mommy is really useless and stupid, isn't she? I can't even take proper care of myself, so how can I take care of you? What should mommy do right now?" Molly knew her baby heard what she was saying.

The more she thought about her situation, the more her tears kept flowing, and it didn't want to stop. She couldn't even remember why she was crouching in the first place. Her mind went blank. But that was no longer important. Her primary concern was that everything she had was gone. She had no money, and no papers to identify her. She had nothing.

At that point, Molly wrapped her arms around her legs and cried her heart out. Suddenly, someone was standing in front of her, silently watching her as she shook violently. After staring at Molly for a long time, the person slowly crouched down in front of her and gently said, "Mol..."

Upon hearing the voice, Molly looked up.

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