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   Chapter 428 Thinking Of You Day And Night (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6419

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Unmindful of her condition, Molly ran all the way to the subway station where a giant billboard stood. She stopped in front of it and looked up to see what it advertised. Her slight figure was in complete contrast to the huge billboard in front of her. Molly stared at it blankly, then with confusion. For some reason, the image was familiar to her, but couldn't understand why she felt the need to run all the way there to look at it closely.

On the billboard was a spectacular building with the words 'QY Island' and 'Grand Night Casino' underneath the structure. Staring at it, she became more confused. Molly tilted her head slightly and wondered why she had a strong urge to run towards it after seeing the billboard from the taxi. But nothing came to mind. She continued staring at the billboard and kept mumbling, "Grand Night Casino." She repeated "Grand Night Casino" over and over again.

With head lowered and eyes to the ground, Molly repeated the three words several times. The name sounded very familiar to her, but she couldn't remember how she knew it. Why was it familiar sounding? Why? Her head began to pound from all the thinking she was doing.

Suddenly, a man walked up and crashed hard into Molly. Then he quickly fled without so much as a sorry. Molly was startled and staggered a bit, but before she could react, he was gone. She dismissed what happened, thinking it was only an accident. Looking up at the large signboard again, she focused on the name, still trying to remember.

The man who nearly knocked Molly down quickly hid nearby where she couldn't see him. He looked around and saw that no one noticed what just happened to the girl. The corners of his lips turned up into an evil and satisfied smile. He looked down at the things in his hand and quickly walked to the subway station to disappear for real this time.

After several minutes of staring at the billboard, Molly said

this scene with Molly.

His heart kept calling out, 'Mol, Mol…'

Somehow, it seemed to Brian that their love was much like the fireworks he had just seen. It burned so brightly in the beginning, but towards the end, it disappeared as quickly as it came. It went by so fast Brian couldn't even grab it. Now, there were only their memories together left that was shining in his head. No matter what he told himself, Brian couldn't just let go of this love.

Brian was consumed by his thoughts. 'Molly, you are the only one I think about day and night. Every time I close my eyes, all I see is your face smiling sweetly at me. Do you have any idea what I went through those days fighting with the State Parliament? Do you? If you do, then why did you leave me?

Ha! I'm such a fool!'

They were painful thoughts, as Brian continued watching the beautiful fireworks lighting the sky. The smile on his face was bitter and self-deprecating. He had made such a fool of himself. Brian thought he had everything under control, and all would be fine. But apparently, he had overestimated himself. Now all he had was injured pride and nothing else.


Dispassionately, he called his driver. Tony quickly walked to his side after hearing his name. "Yes, Mr. Brian Long."

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