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   Chapter 427 Thinking Of You Day And Night (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6009

Updated: 2019-03-27 01:43

Slowly, Molly walked down the empty street, a lost soul, listening to the crunch of snow under her feet.

The solitude didn't seem to bother her, and soon, she felt herself smiling faintly.

Why she was smiling to herself, she didn't know. In truth, there was nothing to be happy about at this point in her life.

Too preoccupied about her situation, she failed to notice the two Oriental men discreetly following her. The two guys looked at Molly, then glanced at each other. They were sure the girl hadn't noticed them at all. There was an evil glint to their eyes, and a vicious smirk on their lips. Tacitly, they agreed to walk faster, get ahead of Molly and block her way.

Walking with her head down and staring at the ground on her feet, Molly was startled when the two suddenly appeared in front of her. But she thought nothing of their standing before her. Molly was oblivious to the danger facing her. She sidestepped them and continued walking past the two men. Briefly, the men were puzzled by her behavior, then nodded to catch up with Molly again until they blocked her way. The girl was in no mood to talk to strangers, so she walked past them again. All Molly wanted was to be left alone.

"Hey, Missy! Are you here alone?" one of the two asked with a lewd voice. Wicked eyes wandered from Molly's feet to her face, as if to taunt the girl. It was apparent he didn't mean well, but she paid no attention.

Finally, Molly stopped in her tracks and slowly raised her eyes to the man who refused to get out of her way. She stared at the one who spoke to her and noticed his eyes were a bit red. In a small but calm voice, she politely said, "You're blocking my way."

The two men glanced at each other after hearing her speak, then gave Molly a strange look as if to say this

. He could sense she was not in the right state of mind, and that she was bothered by something. Maybe Johnny was right, and she was struggling with depression, he thought.

He decided to follow Molly discreetly. It worried him a lot that the girl didn't care about what was happening around her. Gary was afraid that something similar to what happened earlier would occur again and he wouldn't be around to help her. So, he followed Molly until she got into a taxi and drove away.

Shaking his head, Gary mumbled, "You're one girl who can't set a man's mind to rest!" He watched as the taxi's tail lights disappear then sighed. Gary turned around and walked back to Johnny's bar.

Meanwhile, Molly sat quietly in the backseat of the cab, staring out the window, watching the changing scenery as they drove by. All of a sudden, she cried out, "Stop!" The driver thought something happened to her and in panic stepped on the brakes, then pulled his cab over to the side of the road.

She quickly pulled out money from her purse and handed it to the driver without a word. Then she hurriedly got off the taxi and ran forward as if chasing something, ignoring the driver who shouted after her.

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