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   Chapter 426 Two Different Worlds Apart (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7462

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He kept thinking over and over, 'Should I let you go?' Then a stubborn part of him would argue, 'How can I just let you go like that?'

Someone called out his name. Brian didn't notice Tony standing behind him. His driver stood silently in a corner, observing his boss. Brian had returned to A City after his body recovered from extreme weight loss and fatigue. Tony noted how Brian seemed even more apathetic than before. After receiving a text message, he quietly walked towards Brian and reported, "Miss Xia still has not been found."

Brian opened his eyes slowly and stared outside. His voice was colder than the temperature outside. "How could it be? So without XK Intelligence Agency, I can't do something as simple as finding a missing person?!" he barked.

His outrage stunned Tony. With eyes slightly drooping, he reported, "Their efforts were thwarted in the process of searching for Miss Xia. There is also information from Mr. Eric Long that shadows have been dispatched to look for her. But they haven't found her either!"

Who, in this world, would be able to prevent him from finding a person, who knew about shadows like the back of his hand?

The answer was obvious. Only Richie Long, former leader of the Shadow Organization and current head of XK Intelligence Agency was the one person capable of doing all that.

The silence in the room was so oppressive that it made breathing difficult. Tony dared not move. It was apparent that Mr. Long's purpose was to cut all ties between Brian, Eric, and Molly. And Tony supported Mr. Long's efforts.

However, seeing Brian now, his heart grew heavy. From his observation, Tony saw that while Brian looked the same as before, he was a different man now.

"Go on looking for her," he ordered Tony. Then the driver heard Brian mumbling to himself, "We will meet again someday, won't we?"

It bothered Tony to hear Brian still so obsessed with Molly. He did not know why, but instinctively, he did not want to see that day come.


At Westminster, London, Britain

With her hands on her growing belly, Molly sat quietly on a bench by the roadside in Chinatown. With the light from red lanterns, the falling snowflakes created a fairyland atmosphere, just l

er own. You'd think it was because she was timid, but her eyes betrayed her. Besides, once she became nervous and thought of refusing, her hands on her belly tightened slightly. That's a manifestation of resistance against the outside world." Gary was impressed and Johnny reminded him, "Don't forget what I majored in when I was in school."

"Why didn't you say that earlier?" Gary said angrily. He suddenly turned to leave and walked out in search of Molly. Outside, Gary looked around for the girl but couldn't see her. The whole street had crowded with people excited to set off firecrackers since it was close to midnight.

Oblivious to the festivities, Molly walked on the busy street quietly, as if she was isolated from the rest of the world then gradually drifting away. The merriment surrounding her had nothing to do with her, and everything except her unborn child had nothing to do with her. Molly was always trying to forget something intentionally.

"That woman is alone!" a voice in the dark said.

"What are you thinking of doing?" someone answered back.


The wretched voices came from a corner of the street, which loomed large in the festive atmosphere. Two shifty-eyed men had been tailing Molly. They watched Molly walk out of Chinatown and turn into a street with bare tree trunks covered in snow. The area was far different from festive Chinatown. Molly inhaled and thought, 'Here is quiet.'

She was unaware that she wasn't completely alone.

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