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   Chapter 425 Two Different Worlds Apart (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6824

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It was our inevitable destiny to forget. Everything was like an unaligned drawing. Anything in the past could no longer return to the past. Everything slowly extended like this and staggered inch by inch. In the end, our lives might have been different.


"She's gone, right?" It was almost a statement, not a question. And she had no immediate response.

Shirley always wanted to be honest with her son, but she could not tell him that Molly had left.

Slowly, Richie walked towards Shirley, his feet dragging. Astonished by the brutal atmosphere surrounding her son, she was forced to walk backward, one step at a time, until she finally fell into an embrace with the familiar smell of tobacco.

Raising her head slightly, Shirley looked at Richie. Her expression was gloomy, while his cool and sculptured face was impassive. His cold eyes shifted to Brian and stared at him sharply as a falcon would.

It made Brian uncomfortable to have his father looking at him, so he clamped his teeth before inquiring, "Did she leave on her own accord, or did you send her away?"

"Is there a difference?" There was a subtle hint of annoyance behind Richie's calm tone. "After all, she's already left!"

"With my men in the hospital, it was impossible for her to leave the premises!" Brian retorted. His eyes had turned scarlet, and there was a danger that his wound could burst open if he continued to rage. The wound's moist appearance and the metallic smell of blood further added to an already bleak atmosphere.

"I sent her away, so what?" Richie said insolently. "If she didn't want to leave, how could I send her away?" He laughed grimly. His tone was frosty as he related what had happened. "I offered money for her exiting A City with the least hesitation. She accepted the check and understood the conditions." Eyes rolling in exasperation, Richie emphasized, "It was she who wanted to leave. Understand?"

"No!" Brian roared. The combination of panic and fury shook Brian's body, but he managed to stay on his feet. His che

alled many fond memories of his snow experiences from the past.

There was the night when he and she met at the gate of the Grand Night Casino, and it had been snowing heavily. At that time, she was just an ordinary girl. There was another night when she climbed into his bed, and the next day, she knelt in a field of snow and wept aloud. And how could he forget that night when she made a snowman in the courtyard by herself, with a bright smile that lit her face like the stars lit the night sky. He was unable and unwilling to take his eyes off her at that moment. He remembered that night when he and she walked hand in hand at a street park all covered with snow, enjoying the silence then later listening to her whispered confessions. Finally, there was that one night when he helped her build snowmen, one to represent her and the other to represent him.

He broke the faraway look that transported him to the past. Then he saw the cellphone in his hand and slid the screen smoothly with his thumb, and out popped the photo of the two snowmen they built. The one that looked like a girl was her, and the more masculine was him.

'Mol…' he called out in his heart.

The mere mention of her name even in his mind was so painful that he could not help but frown. He closed his eyes to shut off the pain, and felt suffocated as his heart contracted.

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