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   Chapter 423 A Love-Hate Relationship (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5636

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Could my tears make

you understand how sad I was?

Would you miss me when I was gone?

"Prepare for surgery."

"I'm afraid that Mr. Brian Long would be in danger if he goes through a second surgery."

"If we don't do it, he will be in greater danger."

"Should we ask Mr. Long's opinion?


Three expert doctors had examined Brian, and they were discussing Brian's surgery. Their voices were calm, yet anxious. Finally, the oldest doctor said, "We can't wait. We have to do this right now."

The others were silent for a moment, and then silently began to prepare for the surgery. The oldest doctor was the chief surgeon and the other two were his assistants. The surgery proceeded with a nervous heaviness.

At that moment, Brian was completely unconscious. He had known that Molly's safety depended on the final blow to the State Parliament. He had done his best and had spent more than a dozen days fighting C Army Group. His army had suffered heavy losses and he was seriously wounded. However, he never regretted what he had done

because he had promised Molly that he would treat her well in the future.


Shirley looked at her son, who was still unconscious after three days. She was so worried that there was not even a trace of smile on her face.

"Shirley, don't worry. Bri will wake up soon." Richie gently put his arm around Shirley and pulled her into his arms, "He hasn't yet done what he wanted to do. He'll wake up. Take it easy."

"This is your fault!" Shirley's eyes turned red, "Why did you always have to torture him like that? Why would you treat your son like that? Bri grew up in XK Intelligence Agency. Even when he was only in pri

A cheery voice asked, but Molly didn't seem to hear it. She sat quietly, without any expression on her face, looking at the cruise ship on the river.

"Miss? Miss?"

The persistent voice finally brought Molly back to her senses. She slowly turned her head and saw a blond boy with a camera in his hand. She looked at him and the girl next to him, and nodded silently.

"We wanted to take a picture in front of the tower bridge," As he said it, he pointed to the tower bridge, with a happy smile on his face. Molly was so absorbed in her own thoughts that she wasn't really listening to him. Molly looked at his movements, nodded, took the camera from him and photographed them.

After Molly took a picture for them, the boy and the girl thanked her and left. Molly sat quietly by herself. She sat there all day. It wasn't until the neon lights of London night stung her eyes that she realized she had been sitting there for a long time.

Molly looked like a soulless shell, as she walked dully along the road beside the Thames. She did not know where she was going, or how she was going to deal with the future.

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