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   Chapter 422 Parting Ways (Part Six)

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The doctors frowned at his request. They needed to do the surgery for him right now, there was no second to waste. Although Brian would be the head of XK Intelligence Agency, they watched him grow up. They had treated his injuries countless times. Because of that, they had a unique feeling for him. At the moment, it was not good to delay the surgery even for one second.

However, Richie seemed not to care about the urgency of his son's situation. He gave his phone to Brian and then observed him on the side coldly.

It was some time before his call was sent to Molly. At that time, Brian was already weak enough. Even so, he still finished the call as "calm" as he could. After finishing his sentence 'you must wait for me', he fainted into oblivion.

Richie didn't know what Molly had replied to him. But judging from Brian's insistent tone, he had guessed that Molly was not willing to stay.


The tears rushed out from Molly's eyes like waterfalls. Her eyes were in terrible pain as the tears were salty. Molly ignored the searing pain in her eyes. The physical pain seemed to express her inner pain and she welcomed it because that's the only way she could express her sadness.

"Are you going to continue crying like this regardless of your eyes?" Richie asked with raised eyebrows. His tone was without any emotion. From the time he came, his face hadn't shown any signs of emotion. "You can give up the eyes. But you can't waste the intention of the girl who donated her eyes for you."

Molly raised her tearful face. She looked at the man who made her feel infinite pressure with just a few words.

Richie gave a shallow smile. "Can you have a talk with me now?"

Molly sat there staring at Richie without speaking. She didn't know why he suddenly appeared. Taking a casual look around, her mouth turned down at the corners when she didn't see the people she wanted to see.

"Are you looking for Brian or Shirley?" Richie asked her with narrowed eyes. When he saw that Molly seemed to be frightened like a

ope. It was only her that had nothing. No matter in the past or in the future, she had no hope.

Approaching the boarding gate, she handed over her boarding pass and passport to the inspector. When Molly disappeared at the gate, her only baggage was infinite desolation.

Richie booked her a first-class ticket, at least she was leaving in style. Molly didn't pay attention to what the flight attendant had asked her as they prepared for takeoff. She just put her hand protectively over her abdomen as she stared unseeingly outside the window. She didn't even know what she was looking at.

As the plane lifted up in the air, Molly felt the emptiness in her heart expanded. She knew that she had left a big part of herself in A City. As the plane skidded across the cloudy sky, it left behind a trail of white mist. And the mist slowly disappeared in the sky. It was just like her life. She was a white mist floating in Brian's life for a while. And now it was the time for the mist to disappear... forever.


"Didi- didi --"

The heart rhythm machine sent out a jarring sound. Immediately, the doctors entered into intense and busy work…

"Mol, Mol…" Brian whispered through slightly cracked lips. His words were muffled by the sound of rapid footsteps and clanking instruments. "Mol, don't... Please don't leave.

Don't do this, Molly."

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