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   Chapter 421 Parting Ways (Part Five)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6289

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A loud clunk suddenly interrupted their conversation.

The mobile phone made a clunking sound as it hit the ground. Molly stared ahead unseeingly. She couldn't seem to stop shaking and her heart felt as if it would explode in any minute. Her breathing became labored and her eyes began to fill up with hot tears. She felt as if the sky was about to fall down on her. How could this be?

Bri had said that her Mom and Dad had left together? How could he lie to her like this?' Molly thought in despair.

Becky looked at Molly's stricken face and smiled. She had no idea what Mayor Gu told Molly to make her look like that. Whatever it was, it could only be something bad!

Molly didn't know how she got back to the ward. She just sat there as if turned to stone. She looked as if her soul had been snatched away.

When Dr. He came to the ward to check her eyes, he was startled by her distraught appearance. "Miss Xia, Miss Xia?"

Molly slowly turned her dazed eyes to look at the doctor. After a while she said, "Dr. He, can I borrow your phone?"

Dr. He frowned at her unsettling appearance. She was acting mechanically like a zombie. He gave her the phone worriedly.

Molly took the phone and quickly dialed Brian's number. Her thumb paused on the send button for a long time. She stayed like that for some time. She looked at the number that she had dialed. 'How could she remember his number so clearly?' she asked herself self-deprecatingly.

She sniffed and finally pressed the send button. She raised the phone near her ear. However, the phone that used to be accessible twenty-four hours a day was suddenly unreachable and her call transferred into voice mail.

Molly suddenly became crazy. She kept dialing furiously, again and again. But there was always that mechanical and impersonal voice…

"Miss Xia." Dr. He didn't know what had happened. She was all

h a circumstance, he still did not let the C Army Group approach the hospital where Molly was staying.

As for the State Parliament, if they agreed to what Richie has suggested and did not engage in the last fight to hurt Brian, then how could they compromise?

Richie looked at Brian who was lying on the bed. The doctor was busy checking his injuries. These doctors were all from XK Intelligence Agency. Everyone was proficient in handling gunshot wounds and fighting injuries.

"You won't let go of her?" Richie asked sarcastically, "Then have you ever asked if she is willing to stay here?"

"She will stay!" Brian answered emphatically. However, it was just such a quick answer that showed his uncertainty.

Looking at his son coldly, he said indifferently, "Is that so?"

Those three little words that Richie threw completely defeated Brian's confidence. He was also growing weaker by the minute. For the first time in his life, Brian was unsure of himself and where he stood with Molly. During the past days, he had laid his life on the line for Molly. He fought the State Parliament as he just wanted to give Molly a safe living environment...

Thinking of that, Brian's cold face filled with thick haze. "Give me the mobile phone!"

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