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   Chapter 420 Parting Ways (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6498

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Becky's mind was busy. She tried to keep calm which was not hard for her. She was accustomed to disguising her feelings as the upper-class people did. She said, "Molly, are you really so na?ve... Or do you like fooling yourself? Brian has done an unforgivable thing to you. Do you still think that he likes you or what?" she derided Molly.

Molly looked at Becky thoughtfully. She put her hands over her stomach protectively. She told herself that although her eyes were given to Becky, she had received an unexpected gift in return. Now she just wanted the baby. She would never be alone. No matter what Becky had said, there was nothing more important right now than her baby.

"Brian is indeed good to you. But it's just because you have given me your eyes. He just wanted to compensate you…" Becky smiled secretly as she saw Molly's unguarded expression. Molly didn't know how to hide her emotion at all. From her expression, Becky could tell that she still wasn't sure about Brian's feelings for her. She continued, "He asked you to wait for him only because he wanted to give you this!"

Becky took out a cheque that she had prepared in advance and held it out to Molly. She said coldly, "Ruby, if you leave now, you could still keep a little dignity. Otherwise…"

She smiled maliciously. The kind of smile that made people think bad things were about to happen. Molly felt horrible, looking at the cheque as if it was something evil. She felt so sad and disappointed that she almost forgot to breathe. So… it was just his compensation.

Molly tried to hide the sadness she felt in her heart. She didn't want Becky to know how pathetic she really was. She gripped her clothes firmly. "Is that so? Becky Yan, if it were really as you said that Brian was being good to me just because he felt guilty, and he asked me to wait for him to come back so he could give me the check personally… Wouldn't you be happy to see that he told me hi

to let them talk privately. Molly was a little surprised at Becky's action. As soon as Becky was out of earshot, she said, "Edgar, I want to know something about the letter..."

"That was also why I wanted to see you!" Edgar's voice suddenly became heavy, "Your father came to find me before the affair in Phoenix Mountain happened. He said that in the event that he died or was forced to leave… I must give this letter to you!"

"Did Brian force them to leave?" A pulse throbbed in Molly's throat as she waited for Edgar's answer.

"I don't know!" After a short pause, Edgar added, "But I guess… Yes! In addition… there is something else you have to know, Molly…"

Molly's breath became lodged in her throat. Somehow, she had a bad feeling about what Edgar was about to tell her. However, against her will, the question came out of her dry throat, "What?"

"Molly…" Edgar hesitated before saying, "Molly, Sharon is gone!"

Something seemed to explode in her head as she heard the news. Her eyes widened in horror. Her lips were quivering as she asked dully, "G-gone? What… What do you mean, gone?"

"Uncle Xia left me a letter…" Edgar's voice became heavier, "it said that Sharon has not received treatment before. I'm afraid that… before Uncle Xia left, Sharon had already died!"

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