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   Chapter 419 Parting Ways (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6264

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She could hear Brian's labored breathing through the telephone. It was as if he was in pain somehow. But still, Molly kept silent. Brian felt upset at her silence. Finally, he said in a dominating voice, "You are not allowed to leave! Did you hear that?"

A shiver of fear ran through Molly at Brian's words. Biting her lips, she knew there was no point in arguing with him right now. She just answered, "Yes."

Expecting an argument from Molly, Brian was obviously relieved to hear her agree with him at last. "Mol, remember to wait for me…" he said slowly, his voice fading into silence.

After that, he didn't say anything more. Molly frowned when she heard the end-call beep. With a puzzled expression, she gave back the phone to the nurse and thanked her.

After the nurse left, Molly's sight fell outside the window again. Something about Brian's call made her feel uneasy. She had a feeling that something was wrong with Brian. Just like that time when she came back from Phoenix Mountain. Brian got hurt and she waited outside the operation room…it was the longest hour of her life.

At that time, he also told her in a very serious way that she was not allowed to leave… 'But Bri. I'm afraid, I'm really afraid this time…'

Molly closed her eyes tightly, feeling her heart growing heavy. She looked down at her still flat stomach and put her hands on it gently. This had become a habit of hers when she was upset and wanted to calm down.

With her eyes still closed, she took a deep steadying breath. She tried not to think of Brian. Slowly opening her eyes, she swallowed with great difficulty as her throat suddenly felt dry. Just at this time, a svelte woman came towards her and sat down opposite her.

Becky flicked her eyes. Her big, bright eyes were shining brightly in her beautiful white face which made her look alluring.

Molly's breath was

s facial expression became grim with jealousy, Molly was secretly pleased. She continued, "Oh, yeah, Bri seems to be busy lately. But no matter how busy he was, he would always call me and remind me to eat and sleep on time… And he asked Lisa to prepare my favorite foods, so I don't have to eat hospital food. So, Becky, do you receive such treatment from Brian? Well, maybe you have. So what? As you can see, now it seems that you're not the only one he likes!" Molly finished, she was satisfied when she saw two angry spots of color rise on Becky's cheeks.

Becky stood up angrily. Brian didn't do any of those things for her at all. When she was at the hospital, it was only her daddy who took care of her. Brian just told her, "I'm busy these days. After I handle my affairs, I have something to talk to you about." Then he disappeared. She was not looking forward to the talk that Brian promised. She had an idea of what he wanted to talk to her about. He might want to tell her that he didn't like her anymore. That was why she must force Molly to leave him. She didn't have a chance to see Molly before because Molly was staying in her room all day. But today, Yoyo told her that Molly was in the dining room. So she hurriedly came over...

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