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   Chapter 418 Parting Ways (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5994

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"I will send Molly away!" Finally, Richie spoke forcefully, "but I don't want to see anything bad happen to my son…"

Mr. Deng felt embarrassed.

Richie was not in a hurry to reveal his next words. He gave Mr. Deng enough time to reconsider when his reply was not forthcoming. He looked at him indifferently and said, "But if you kill Molly Xia, I will kick Brian out of Long's family and will not be responsible for his actions."

Mr. Deng gasped at Richie. His mouth slightly opened as a fish who was suddenly taken out of the water. He didn't expect that Richie would take this stance and be resolute in his decision. If Brian was kicked out of the Long's family, his actions would have nothing to do with Long's family or even the Dragon Island. And with the current situation, it would not benefit the State Parliament at all. If they would succeed in eliminating Molly in the future, no one knew what Brian would do to avenge her. And no one would know what would be the result of his revenge. They could not risk that... Just for a woman, the situation would be out of control. This was absolutely not what the State Parliament wanted to see.

Mr. Deng's mouth trembled visibly. He was quite nervous…

Looking at his troubled expression, Frank said with a slight smile, "Mr. Deng, it is the best way to deal with the problem now, isn't it? The State Parliament was just upset that Brian stopped C Army Group from killing Molly. If you continue with this option, then it will cause an uncontrollable result. Do you think that's necessary? Or something that is best avoided? Sending Molly away will calm down the atmosphere. People will forget about her. After a long time… Whatever will be the situation at that time, it would be better than the current situation."

Mr. Deng's ey

wned. "What's wrong?"

He was quiet again for a while and then he said in a mild tone, "I miss you so much…"

Molly's heart jerked on her chest when she heard his words. She was so stunned that she almost forgot to react.

Brian's soft laughter came through the telephone. She almost missed it because she was still in a daze. Then she heard Brian said slowly, "What did you do just now?"

She felt her cheek burning. She lowered her head as if he could see her. She answered, "I'm just sitting in the dining room."

"You are alone in a trance?" There was a hint of amusement in Brian's voice. Although he was asking her, he obviously knew the answer to his question. "What are you thinking about?" he asked softly, "are you thinking about me? Or are you thinking about how to leave me?"

Molly froze. It was uncanny how Brian guessed her feelings, as if he was right there in the room reading her expressions. She answered quickly, "No, no. I wasn't thinking of anything."

There was a long silence at the other end. After a while, she heard Brian sigh before saying, "Mol, could you please wait for me for a few more days? Just a few days!"

It was Molly's turn to keep silent.

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