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   Chapter 417 Parting Ways (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6838

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Five days had passed since Molly opened her eyes to see the world once more.

Standing by the window, she might as well still be blind as she stared without blinking at the snow-covered branches of the trees outside.

This morning, the sun was shining brightly.

But Molly just stood there, staring at the trees without any sign of appreciation.

It was already five days since she started seeing the world again. The eyes she had received were compatible and there didn't seem to be any side effects or rejection. It was almost as if these eyes were born for her. But still these eyes… were not her eyes. She felt strange wearing them.

Molly slowly blinked her eyes. When she first opened them five days ago, the first person she saw was Brian. She hadn't seen him for over a month. Her eyes misted as she recalled how he stood by her and held her hand while shuttling through the Phoenix Mountain. He was fearless and confident even though they were clearly outnumbered. Nobody on earth could beat his indomitable spirit. He was still the Brian who had the tyranny to take possession of her in the ward regardless of his injuries and his almost emaciated body...

Once Molly could see again, Brian stopped coming to the hospital. It had been five days. However, he still managed to call the hospital every single day and inquire about Molly's progress. He knew that it was better for him not to come to the hospital. Molly asked Dr. He something about her present condition. The doctor had told her that she would be okay after today's treatment. As for the child... They would know the baby's condition only after it had taken shape.

She had been standing by the window for some time. Thinking a host of things, she needed to plan how to get away from this place. The only good thing was that she had nothing to take but herself and the baby in her stomach…

The thought of leaving Brian made her feel weak. The sadness and sorrow she felt in her heart were unbearable. Tears filled her eyes. And gradually her eyes turned red. Sh

y? Brian didn't care about offending the State Parliament. He was also unconcerned about the political interest between the State Parliament and Dragon Island. However, it was not good that he didn't keep the face for the State Parliament on the international front.

"It is always harmful to keep Molly here…" Richie said. Suddenly, he got up to walk towards Shirley. Frank didn't notice that anything was amiss at the beginning. But Richie who had been watching his wife surreptitiously saw that she got hurt in the hand by the small shovel while planting.

Looking at the happy couple in front of him, Frank just smiled and didn't bother to investigate Shirley's injury. Outwardly he was smiling, but deep inside there was a sour feeling in his heart… but only he knew it.

Just as Frank had predicted, the people in State Parliament were indeed looking for them, and they found them quickly. It was Mr. Deng again. He came to the Dragon Island himself. Richie and Frank met him at the National Congress. There was only a few meaningful information exchanged between the three people. Mr. Deng was evidently upset by the way he spoke as he was the one who tasked with dealing with the problem. He had to consider the political friendship between State Parliament and Dragon Island. He could take neither an uncooperative instance nor show a weak attitude.

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