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   Chapter 415 Leaving Is Not An Option (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6040

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She was now sitting in the ward alone by herself. Molly couldn't quite figure out her true feelings. Unaware of being noticed by anyone, she put on a sorrowful smile filled with resentment. Deep inside, she loathed her circumstance.

Mumbling to herself, she said, "Bri, why do you trample my heart so harshly just when I was ready to believe that my love was finally starting to pay off?

As always, all you care about is Becky. If that was the case, why do you even drag me between the two of you?

I've already given my eyes to her. Is that not enough? I have nothing left, except this tiny human in my womb."

While she thought desperately of her plight, her nose twitched. 'Let me stay? How can you be so brutal to me? Can't you just let me go for Becky's sake? What more do you want? I've already given her my eyes, ' she blamed in mind.

Her eyes were now sore and itchy. To prevent it from tearing, she took a deep breath while she pressed her lips together and strengthened her resolve as she stroked her belly. She must leave, otherwise, her baby would be aborted.

As usual, Molly sat idle for hours, engrossed in her own thoughts. It was not until dinner time when she heard the door opening that Molly came to herself and looked towards the direction of the door.

It was in moments like these when she was at a disadvantage that Molly mocked herself. She had yet to get used to her loss of vision, even if it was only temporary.

The person who entered didn't speak but just kept approaching the bed. Molly didn't ask who it was. She knew it was Brian, as she inhaled his familiar scent.

His face expressionless and cold, Brian brought out a dinner box. He was about to say something, but after taking a glimpse at Molly, he decided to keep quiet. Placing the box on the table, B

pology changed nothing. The fact is she was the third wheel and would always be that. The realization made her sadder.

Another week went by. Finally, the day came for the removal of Molly's stitches. Felix and Dr. He both promised the failure rate would be down to as little as three percent.

And Brian, who had been busy over the past few days, specifically made time to be with Molly the whole day. But presence didn't close the distance between them at all. They still hardly talked to each other. When they did, the subject was trivial like the weather.

It was not for lack of trying on Brian's part. No matter how swamped he was during his work days, the man always made it a point to be with Molly during lunch so he could make sure she ate something. He didn't have to do this. Even without him, Molly would force herself to eat something for the baby's sake.

In her hand now was a glass of warm milk, sent on orders of Brian. Molly appeared calm, even detached, as if she didn't care at all whether she would be able to see again or not once the bandages were off. Sighing inwardly, she thought, 'It doesn't matter if I can see again or not.

The things I want never stick with me.'

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