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   Chapter 414 Leaving Is Not An Option (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6232

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When Brian heard Molly say this, his brows raised. He sat down beside her and placed one dainty hand on his big palm as he asked, "What do you mean by that, Molly?" Sounding a bit annoyed, he quipped, "You can't just start the game, then end it. You don't call the shots."

It was Molly's turn to be shocked by his response. She tried to withdraw her hand, but he held on to it. Molly moved to put some distance between them. She was afraid that Brian would see her intention to leave. Molly was two months pregnant now, and in another month, her baby bump would be showing. There was no way she could hide the pregnancy from him by then.

Unable to hold back his fury, Brian fixed his eyes on Molly. "Listen, Molly. Don't ever think about leaving me. Not on your life. Do you understand?" he ground the words out.

His threatening words prevented Molly from giving a response. Instead, she bit her lips and sneered.

Miserably, she thought, 'Why do you have to be so cruel to me, Brian?'

Molly was grateful that her bandaged eyes hid her turmoil. 'You used me so Becky's eyes would recover. Now, you want me to stay and watch as you two live happily ever after?

You took advantage of me this whole time. And you forced my family to leave me. Whatever you did for me was just an act. When you're gentle with me? When you tried to protect me? All of that was not true. You did all that for Becky, not me.'

Her heart was overwhelmed by sorrow and desperation. Molly further sank into silence. With no one to miss, she would now leave this place forever, taking only one thing that belonged to her - the baby inside of her.

It must have been her continued silence that made Brian sense Molly's resolution to leave him. As the thought gripped him in fear, all the anger he was keeping inside his heart bloomed and pushed itself out. Brian nearly went cra

"Mr. Brian Long, I just received information from Vincent."

He turned to look at his driver with sharp and keen eyes. Coldly, he said, "Now what? He no longer wants to work for the XK Intelligence Agency?"

Tony stood without speaking as he pondered, 'The elder Mr. Long has taken back all the privileges Mr. Brian Long enjoyed for five years. As a member of the elite among the young generation of the XK Intelligence Agency, Vincent will make people think he will be disrespecting the older Mr. Long if he sends messages to Mr. Brian Long secretly. And should his activities be exposed, the consequences he will face will be more severe than the usual punishment."

Again, Brian cast a glance at the figure in the ward. Eventually, he chose not to go back in and instead left the hospital. To Tony, he ordered, "Check out what the State Parliament has been doing."

The order stupefied the driver. Brian didn't ask about Vincent's messages but wanted a probe of the State Parliament.

All of a sudden, Brian stopped walking and said indifferently, "Get rid of all of Edgar's spies. They're too annoying."

"Yes, Sir." The reason for his boss's anger confused Tony. Without thinking, he turned around and looked at Molly's ward.

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