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   Chapter 413 Leaving Is Not An Option (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6508

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All of a sudden, Justin collapsed to the ground and shut his eyes. He tried to remember Molly's face at that moment but drew a blank. The last time he saw her face was that morning, and it was only very brief. Even then he didn't look at her seriously because all he could think about was Rory.

Karma was indeed a bitch.

As Justin collapsed, the last thing on his mind was that death was his only way out of all this. He would not be accepted by any faction; not the conservatives, not the reformists. Where was he to go?

But through all these, who would care? Even if they wanted to get to the bottom of what happened, there was no way to do it. The fight sparked by a 21-year-old war would be buried deep under together with Justin's execution and Jenifer's exile. Throughout the ordeal, the conservative faction and reformist faction both remained intact, or so it seemed. They merely sacrificed two people. But the truth was the two factions had been deeply affected by everything that happened.

There is a tendency among men to attribute mistakes to someone else. Rarely will someone take the blame even if it is his fault when it is more convenient to point to someone else as the culprit. The recent conflict was one good example. It was all attributed to Molly.


At the private hospital of the Dragon Empire Group

Becky was understandably agitated. Today she would find out whether she can see again or not.

"Take your time when I give the signal to open your eyes later. Don't rush it," Felix advised her. "You've been kept from light for far too long. Sudden exposure will be too much for your eyes to take immediately."

"Okay," Becky replied nervously. She followed this up with quick laughter.

Rory, meanwhile, stood aside anxiously as Felix slowly removed the bandages on Becky's eyes. In the room, only Brian appeared cold and aloof.

"All right, open your eyes slowly." Felix coached Becky with a gentl

roval. Dr. He glanced at Molly and was about to say something. He eventually decided to remain silent after sensing the tension between the two. With a slight gesture, the doctor left the room.

Alone in the ward, Molly and Brian still said nothing to each other, much as they had done in the past month.

These days, Molly often caressed her belly. It had become one of her habits. At first, Brian thought it was because her stomach was acting up. But when he asked Molly, she would look terrified, and he would be no closer to learning the truth. When he asked Dr. He about this, the physician assured him that Molly was fine.

"Can she… Can she see?" Molly finally spoke up. Hearing her voice, Brian was thrilled. It had been over a month since she last talked to him.

At the same time, he was annoyed that the first thing she asked about was Becky. "Yes, she can see," Brian replied.

"Really?" Molly asked feigning surprise. Deep inside, she felt bitter. But she managed to add, "Good."

In an attempt to hide her emotions, Molly lowered her head. Then it dawned on her that her feelings would not be exposed since her eyes were still bandaged.

That's good, she said. "Now, every one of us can see." She swallowed hard before saying, "Then no one would be a burden to anyone."

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