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   Chapter 412 Leaving Is Not An Option (Part One)

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It's been almost half a month since she had the operation. With just less than two months until the New Year, events were already being anticipated.

A City was now brimming with festivity.

Every business was busy trying their best to promote their products and lure more customers.

But it was the parliament, which focused on safeguarding the city's security, transportation, and food supply, which was the busiest.

"Mayor, a bus was rear-ended and overturned by a truck shipping supplies to A City on the expressway to F City. Three people are dead, and 18 are injured," Bill reported.

He glanced at Edgar to see if the official heard his report. He seemed not to have paid attention and just stared at the computer screen. Bill wondered what preoccupied Edgar's mind.

"Tell the Department of Transportation to step up their scrutiny of fatigue driving and to prepare for the annual travel peak," Edgar ordered. He spoke so suddenly in a voice calm but imposing.

Bill secretly twitched his lips, then continued reporting. Each time he thought Edgar was not listening, the man would offer a solution with poise.

His job done, Bill left the Mayor's office. Meanwhile, Edgar continued to stare at the computer screen. He was staring at the report about Dragon Empire Group's anticipated investment in a foreign hospital based in A City. The hospital was undertaking extensive research on ophthalmology.

The investment didn't come as a surprise. But the events a few weeks ago only demonstrated how fate changes plans instantly. He had used Jenifer to cause a rift between Brian and Mr. Yan, with the ultimate goal of solving remaining issues of the past and winning Molly back. But barely had she left the hospital when the accident happened.

Now he was worried about her, yet he couldn't see her; he wanted to inquire about her condition, but there was no opportunity to do that.

As Edgar's brows furrowed over her situation, his phone rang. He picked it up to answer.

"Edgar, Jenifer's been taken to the military court," Jonny's voice was firm and steady. "Was this part of you

s eyes widening.

Mouth agape, he exclaimed, "No way!"

She raised an eyebrow to express bitterness as she said coldly, "You raped Sharon, and to cover up your crime you put your twin brother in her bed. Did it never occur to you that Molly was not his daughter, but yours? Or perhaps, considering the effects of what you did, you just chose not to think about it," Jenifer jeered.

"Shut up!" Justin shouted, his eyes filled with rage. "You're just trying to provoke me because you can't get Edgar for yourself," he spat at her.

His accusation made Jenifer's face turn pale. She learned about what happened to Edgar from her grandfather. But it never crossed her mind that he would take advantage of her. Jenifer thought she did it discreetly enough, but it never occurred to her that he would do so much for Molly.

"Hrumph!" Justin granted. "Even if Molly is my daughter, so what?" he shot back. "I decided to sacrifice everything when I chose to side with the reformist faction. While Molly might be my daughter, I feel no affection for her. And compared to you, I am neither sad nor pathetic. After all, you have 20 years of bonding with your family."

He cast a look of disdain towards Jenifer, whose face was now twitching. Justin finally turned around and walked into the prison facility followed by his guards. But the moment his back was turned, his face distorted in extreme pain.

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