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   Chapter 411 The Scalpel Destroyed Her Trust In Brian (Part Two)

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Mr. Deng grinned to himself. He was an experienced man, and wouldn't dare reveal his true feelings in front of them. "We feel regret and guilty for what happened in Phoenix Mountain, and we will give great importance to the matter."

Richie and Frank snorted to themselves at his bureaucratic tone as Richie put on a tiny smile. "Mr. Deng, the military attacked the royal members of Dragon Island for no reason. I believe that would court international disapproval,"

Richie said casually like he was talking about the weather. But his words came as a shock to Mr. Deng, whose heart stopped in his throat. The international profile and importance of Dragon Island were rising. Though the problem seemed to have been resolved for now, Mr. Deng knew that if they didn't handle it properly, Dragon Island would stir up the issue. The heads of the State Parliament and Dragon Island had their own plans, and they didn't want to start a fight. But this didn't mean that Dragon Island would swallow the insult and humiliation thrown at them silently.

"Mr. Long," Mr. Deng said, looking back and forth between Richie and Frank, "the seniors in the State Parliament have turned a blind eye to the conflicts between the conservative faction and the reformist faction. After all, different thoughts and ideals are needed to sustain a sound system." After a pause, he continued, "The current issues we are facing are actually the result of something that happened years ago. Even the cleverest man can sometimes do stupid things. If Justin hadn't done such a thing years ago, the operation wouldn't have failed and these series of problems wouldn't have arisen. And as for what happened at Phoenix Mountain, I admit that it was thoughtless of the military to have done it. However, it was not all our fault."

Frank curled his lips, fixing his eyes on the young tea leaves in his cup, and said, "We are not interested in poking our noses into other people's business. It has been over twenty years since Justin had done all that horrible stuff in Dragon Island. We're not going to bother with that now. I'm sure that no one wants to start a fight now, and we all want to solve these problems properly and quickly. That's why Richie and I are here."

Frank's smile and gentle tone made Mr. Deng believe that things had taken a turn for the better. But the words that followed made Mr. Deng's mood hit the bottom. "However, I have a major flaw in my character. I attach great importance to my family members and will

oud alarm rang from within the ICU, which startled Brian. He immediately pressed the emergency button, and within a minute, Dr. He rushed there, followed by several nurses.

Brian's face sunk as he watched Dr. He checking Molly's situation. He could barely breathe, fearing that he might lose Molly forever.

Time passed so slowly for him, and he let his eyes settle on Molly's face, hoping that would help her wake up. Half an hour passed, but it seemed like a century for Brian.

Dr. He came out, took off his gauze mask and said with a pleasant smile, "Mr. Brian Long, congratulations! Miss Xia will be transferred to the HDU."

Brian was filled with joy at his words and his cold face softened a little.

It was really good news for Brian that Molly was being transferred to the HDU. Dr. He mentioned that their current medicine might harm Molly, so Brian asked Elias to offer medicines with lesser side effects. Thanks to the effective medicines and the tender care from the nurses, Molly was transferred to the general ward within a week.

Molly was now able to hear and speak, but she was in no mood to talk to anyone as she was still unable to see. She knew that her eyes would recover soon. She had listened to the conversation between Brian and Dr. He and had found out that someone had donated his eyes. But she could not forgive Brian.

With a mocking smile, Molly put her hand on her belly. She was carrying a baby — Brian's baby.

'Bri, you took my corneas. I'll be taking this baby as your compensation. And you will not be a part of my life in the future. My baby and I will only depend on each other from now on, ' Molly thought to herself.

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