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   Chapter 410 The Scalpel Destroyed Her Trust In Brian (Part One)

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Felix nodded at Dr. He and took the position as the head surgeon.

He peeked sideways at the operation room door with a hopeful expression.

He earnestly hoped that someone would ring the doorbell and tell them that they had a donor. As a responsible doctor, Felix didn't want his patient to go blind.

"We will begin the operation now," Felix said, disappointed.

Dr. He nodded and everyone in the operation room looked dejected. Staring at Molly's tear-tainted face, he reached out his hand and said with a frown, "Tweezers."

Depressed as she was, the nurse lived up to her professionalism as she quickly handed Felix the tweezers. She was also waiting for someone to turn up.


The doorbell rang, attracting everyone's attention at once as if it were the sound of heaven.

"Go and see who it is!" Dr. He immediately requested the nurse.

She nodded and rushed out of the operation room. In less than a minute, she came back excited. "We have a donor!"

Everyone heaved a loud sigh of relief. Felix's eyes lit up as he said, "God bless her! Miss Xia won't go blind now."

The good news lifted everyone's mood and dissolved their anxiety. What a wonder it was to receive a donor at the very last minute! They couldn't help but admire Brian's hold in the city.

The operation was underway. With his hands in his pockets, Brian stared at the operation room as if he were actually able to see what was going on inside.

Molly's and Becky's operations were carried out in two operation rooms at the same time. Felix removed Molly's corneas and then immediately shifted to Becky's operation room. Molly's eyeballs were going to be replaced by a surgeon from Empire Hospital. The replacement of her eyeballs and the dissipation of the extravasated blood in her brain were done simultaneously. Therefore, it was a very complicated and risky operation.

Time passed, and every second seemed like a year to Brian. He stood where he was,

go buy some food."

Tony nodded. They had no appetite at the moment, but as professional bodyguards, they knew that they must maintain good health to deal with emergencies.

The air was heavy in Empire Hospital. And the situation was pretty much the same in the State Parliament. All the seniors were present with a heavy heart.

In the meeting room of the State Parliament

Mr. Deng, a member of Parliament, stared at the two outstanding men whom he had known while he had been serving as the mayor of T City. At that time, Richie was the president of Dragon Empire Group while Frank was merely a staff in the Planning Department of the Flight Media. But now, the former president had stepped down and the little staff had control over the economic lifeline of Dragon Empire Group and sat on the shadow throne of Dragon Island.

"Mr. Deng," Richie said slowly as he put down his cup elegantly, "I would like to hear your opinion on this matter."

Frank looked at Mr. Deng while taking a sip of his tea. After years of baptism, he was no longer the willful and arrogant man that he used to be. He was now calm and easy-going, with a bland smile always hung on his lips. People would believe he was a gentle and kind man, but only those who were familiar with him knew how cold-blooded he was.

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