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   Chapter 409 The Baby Is Her Only Hope (Part Two)

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The nurse frowned and wanted to say something. But when she caught sight of Molly lying on the operating table, she swallowed what she had wanted to say and nodded silently.

Soon, she returned back into the room with the drug in her hand. It was an anesthetic made from the combination of a few mild drugs which Elias had developed when he was researching on numbing drugs. This might just be the kind of anesthetic which might bring the least amount of harm to the human body.

Dr. He stretched out his gloved hand and took the drug tube from the nurse. The crystal clear drug shone brightly in the light.

At that moment, someone entered the room from outside.

Dr. He raised his head and saw Felix closing the door behind him. After Dr. He put the drug in a box carefully, Felix asked him with a serious look, "Is there any news from Mr. Brian Long?"

Dr. He shook his head in reply. In fact, they all knew that it wasn't easy to find someone who was willing to donate their eyes in just five hours. However, they had no other choice but to wait-- wait for a miracle to happen.


Brian had sent out all his men. All the staff from Emp and the Grand Night were searching for healthy eye donors all over A City. Their urgent move caused doubts in those who were watching them secretly.

"Is she here yet?" asked Edgar, who showed no interest when Bill told him about Brian's actions. He guessed that they were doing it because of Becky's illness.

Bill paused for a while until he figured out who 'she' was, "Miss Xia hasn't shown up yet."

Edgar tapped on the office table with his slender fingers. After he got the news that the letter had reached Molly, he hadn't moved a step away from his office in the City Hall. As he knew well about Molly, he guessed that she would surely come to confirm the contents of the letter. And then, he would persuade her to leave Brian and come back to him.

However, she hadn't come yet.

Edgar was usually patient and endur

t that there would be such helpless moments in his life.


"Dr. He, we have only ten minutes left." A nurse looked at the electronic timer and reported with a serious look.

Felix and Dr. He both looked at the clock on the wall. They exchanged a glance, then they stared at the door simultaneously. They were still hoping for a miracle.

The atmosphere in the operation room was getting more and more intense. Maybe they had been moved by Molly's sorrowful plea and the heart-stopping bloody tears on her face. Or maybe it was because they knew that the operation would decide the fates of two young girls. Everyone just held their breaths and waited for Brian to get back, although it was almost the eleventh hour.

The number on the electronic timer kept counting down, and the time left changed from ten minutes to nine minutes... eight... seven... Three minutes... Everyone's cheeks tightened because of their tension. When they had only one minute left, disappointment grew in their eyes.

Finally, there was a beep from the timer as the number on it turned zero.

Everyone felt their hearts sinking when they heard the sound.

"Prepare for the operation," Dr. He suppressed the strong emotions in him and passed the instructions professionally, "Dr. Felix, please start the operation immediately."

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