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   Chapter 408 The Baby Is Her Only Hope (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6441

Updated: 2019-03-23 09:28

Molly tried to open her eyes, yet the blood in her eyes made her feel like she was looking into a world of hellfire.

She couldn't move her body at all, and her breathing was weak and shallow.

However, the instinctive toughness as a mother strengthened her, and she managed to overcome the fear in her heart. She opened her mouth with difficulty and said in a weak, but determined tone, "Don't...hurt him, please. I... beg you, doctor. Please... don't take away my baby... from... me."

Dr. He stared at Molly and a shade of sadness flashed through him. Throughout his career, he had operated on many different patients, most of whom had survived the operating table, yet, some others weren't so lucky. He had witnessed many people who went into their long sleep and he was by now used to those heart-breaking parting moments. However, when he saw Molly's pale face and bloody eyes, he was taken aback by the strength of this young mother.

"Even if he ends up... with some complications because of this... " Molly said in an extremely weak tone, and every word seemed to take up all her energy, "He is my baby... after all. I... I... don't want... to... end his life this way..."

After she finally finished speaking, a drop of tear trickled down her cheek. The tear was bloody red, and it looked horrific in the harsh light of the operating lamps.

Tears kept welling out from Molly's eyes, and she couldn't repress them, regardless of the sharp pain in her eyes. Even so, she was pierced to the heart with grief which went beyond the pain in her body. When she had heard Brian's words, she had felt like she was left totally alone in this world once again. She had thought that after her retinas were given to Becky just as Brian and Becky had wished, she would bid farewell to the world on this icy cold operating table.

But then, she heard from the nurse that she was pregnant. Her whole world trembled when she

ok on her face contorted because of the pain, and she looked like she was about to cough up blood.

Dr. He fixed his rueful eyes on her and he eventually nodded his head, "Okay, I won't tell anyone about it right now."

Molly's lips curled up into an awkward smile- it was a smile of trust and relief from a young mother. When the staff in the room saw her distressing smiling face with bloody tears, they all had just one thought in mind-- they must help this poor girl keep her secret. The truth would eventually reveal itself in a few months, but till then, it would remain a secret.

They were running out of time. Molly lost consciousness after she had received Dr. He's promises. The number on the electronic timer in the operation room kept moving, no matter what was happening around it.

"Go and get the drug that Elias has left here," instructed Dr. He, hesitating for a moment after glancing at the timer. It had already been four hours since Molly was brought here.

The nurse was taken aback by his instruction, "Dr. He, are you sure? Wasn't the drug left here for research purposes?"

Dr. He glanced at Molly and replied, "Research can be done later. If we want to decrease the harm to the baby to the lowest degree, our only choice is to use Elias's drug."

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