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   Chapter 407 Molly's Choice (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6171

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Molly could feel the weight of her eyelids and they were too heavy that she couldn't bring her eyes to open. In addition to that, she could feel her head throbbing as if it was going to explode any minute now. She was able to catch a few snippets of what Felix was saying but she was unable to open her eyes.

The room was silent waiting for Brian to respond.

Dr. He was familiar about Becky's condition too and he thought Felix was right. Molly was going to lose her eyes anyway and might as well donate them to Becky while they were still okay.

Molly grew groggier and if she gave in, she might fall asleep again. But she was trying with all her might to stay awake because she wanted to know what Brian's answer was.

Brian turned his head to look at Molly lying down on the bed, still not saying anything. Even after a nurse came in to inform them that the operation room was ready, Brian still kept silent.

"Mr. Brian Long, please decide now." Felix urged him, "If you agree that we transfer Miss Xia's retinas to Miss Yan then we would need to remove Miss Xia's retinas during the operation later."

Brian remained silent as he strode towards Molly to hold her hand. He stared at Molly, unsure of what to do and what to feel. He completely understood what Felix was saying. It was true that even if Molly didn't give her retinas to Becky, she still wouldn't be able to see.

Brian recalled what Becky had said to him before but he knew that he couldn't spend his life with Becky. 'Mol, ' Brian thought to himself, 'If something bad happens, do you believe that I will love you and protect you all my life?'

Her hands were chilly as usual which reminded him of the saying that one with cold hands and feet will never feel loved.

Even since she was a little girl, there was almost no one who really loved her and cared about

a folder to Dr. He. The nurse dismally said, "She's pregnant."

Dr. He was so shocked that he was unable to respond. He frantically looked through the folder to confirm - and there it was, bright as day, Molly was indeed pregnant.

"Dr. He, in this case," the nurse frowned too, "Are we going to induce labor?"

Dr. He read through the results again. Before he could answer, Molly spoke up, "No." Molly was already awake when the nurse entered. While she couldn't see anything, she mustered all the energy she had to chime in. Her voice was soft and husky.

In the dead quiet of the room, Molly's feeble voice seemed strong and full. Dr. He and the nurse turned to look at her. Molly squinted back at them.

Molly kept her stand despite not being able to see anything clearly. The nerves in her eyes had been damaged so bad that all she could see now was red. She could only vaguely make out the figures in the room.

Dr. He walked towards her, sighing as he looked at her pallid face worrying about what was going to happen to her. "You're going into surgery now," he said softly. "Even if you keep the baby, he may suffer from the sequelae because the medicine has side effects. So I suggest that we induce labor."

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