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   Chapter 406 Molly's Choice (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6458

Updated: 2019-03-23 07:59

Molly's words took Rory by surprise, as he didn't expect that Molly would know what he was thinking.

And he didn't know how to respond.

Molly felt her heart being ripped into pieces when she saw his expression. She asked dejectedly, "You want me to give my eyes to Becky? "

Rory felt a pang of guilt when he saw the pain in Molly's eyes. After a long pause, he finally said, "Molly, Becky said that if she couldn't see anything, she wouldn't want to live at all. I'm begging you, please. You can come back home and we'll live together from now on. I'll be there for you just like I am to Becky! I'll be like a dad to you."

"That's bullshit!" She stared at Rory, her eyes red, and asked mockingly, "Dad? Since when did you start seeing me as your own daughter? If Becky didn't say that she wanted to die because she couldn't see, you would never have come to me. What would you say if I was the one who went blind and wanted to die?" Molly felt bitter when she saw different expressions sift through Rory's face. Her chest had started to constrict and tears were streaming down from her face. She could slightly hear Rory calling her name gently. With a sad smile on her face, she said tragically, "You're asking me to come back home?

I don't need to go home at all. And I don't need you to be there for me."

She glared at Rory who remained silent before turning around to leave. She had taken no more than a few steps when Rory called her from behind, "Molly!" he had grabbed her by the arm.

"Let me go!"

Molly screamed as she frantically shook her arm free. Rory wasn't holding her tight enough and the shaking had made him stumble backwards. Molly lost her balance too, twisting her ankle in the process and falling on her back.


There was a loud thud and Molly felt a sharp pain shoot in the back of her head. By this time, Molly couldn't see anything - just pure black.

"Molly, Molly!"

The la

g to say next, "Will she go..." Brian paused, "... blind?" he finished.

Knitting his brows together, Felix nodded.

Brian narrowed his sharp eyes. Dr. He, who had been busy with Molly, had stopped what he was doing and turned to look at Felix, then at Brian. The man who had always been hiding his feelings was now showing clearly what he was feeling.

The air in the room seemed to have become solid. But next moment, Molly's eyelashes slightly trembled, which went unnoticed.

Brian continued to glare at Felix. Felix, while tense and frankly, slightly afraid, continued, "If you can find a transplant, Molly may not go blind."

'If you can find a donor!'

Felix thought to himself. He didn't dare say that out loud to Brian for fear of his life.

"Also..." Felix hesitated to continue because he didn't know if now was the time to bring this up but he decided he should take the chance now. After all, he had been assigned to research Becky's condition for over a month now, when else would he get to say this? "Miss Xia's retinas are perfectly fine and she can still donate them to Miss Yan. Mr. Brian, I was hoping you could think this over."

Molly's eyelashes twitched again which went unnoticed again. Everyone in the room was focused intently on Felix and Brian.

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