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   Chapter 405 The Misunderstandings (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7076

Updated: 2019-03-23 00:12

"Okay. Now tell me what you wanted to say," she said and waited for him to start talking.

He looked around them first, checking if they were alone. After that, he took out a letter from his pocket and handed it to Molly, "Mayor Gu asked me to give you this letter. He told me that you would come to this hospital and asked me to wait here for you."

Molly took the letter from him. She raised her head to look at him and asked, "What if I hadn't come here at all?"

"No, Mayor Gu told me that you would definitely come," he smiled, "He was very sure about it."

Molly didn't know why Edgar was so sure that she would come here. But that was just how Edgar was. He had always been this confident, ever since he was just a kid. It looked like he was sure about everything.

She slowly opened the letter and began reading with a confused look on her face. As she read, her face became paler and paler. By the end of it, her hands were shaking uncontrollably as she grabbed the piece of paper. Her red eyes widened and she stared intensely at the letter in her hands as if she wanted to dig a hole in the paper with her intense gaze.

Molly's breath became labored all of a sudden. She recognized the handwriting on the paper. It was not written by Edgar, but her father. It was definitely her father. She was familiar with his handwriting and could recognize it anywhere.

'How did this happen?

No, no!' She didn't want to believe it. Her mind was racing with different thoughts, 'This couldn't be right, could it? How is this possible?'

Molly felt heavy and dizzy. Her breathing turned rapid. She stared at the letter in her hands with unbelieving eyes. She didn't know how long she stayed that way. When she got out of her initial shock, she immediately turned to the man beside her, wanting so badly to know if what the letter said was true. But he was not beside her and he was nowhere to be found. There was only a piece of note on the seat beside her. She picked it up.

'If you don't believe it, just go to him and confirm it yourself. You know where to find him during working hours.' The note

afening. Neither of them said a word. Molly felt very awkward about the situation. She mumbled slowly, "What... what did you want to talk about?" she paused for a short moment, "I don't have much time. I have something that I have to do."

Molly's hands were inside her pockets. As her hand touched the letter in her pocket, it made her more anxious and she wanted to leave soon and find Edgar to confirm the truth. But at the same time, she wanted to stay here a bit longer to hear what Rory wanted to say to her.

"Molly," Rory called her by her new name. He looked at the girl standing in front of him, whose head was lowered to stare at the ground, and he was again at a loss for words. He had mixed feelings about Molly, and he didn't know how to approach her. He rubbed his hands and finally said, " I am here to visit Becky."

Molly raised her head to look at Rory. She could clearly tell that he was a bit nervous. She couldn't help but curl her lips into a bitter smile. She should have known. Of course, he was there to visit Becky. Why was she still holding onto false hope? What did she want from him?

Molly gritted her teeth. Her lips thinned. She looked carefully at Rory and saw the slight frown on his brows. He seemed very worried and anxious. And she suddenly realized what he wanted to talk about. Finally, she asked him, "You want to talk to me about Becky's eye treatment, right?"

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