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   Chapter 403 The Misunderstandings (Part One)

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Brian's tone was casual, "Well, I got it from you after all. Years ago, you had canceled the 'crystal' project just for Shirley, didn't you?" Harrow slightly furrowed his eyebrows. He didn't know much about what had happened in the Long family in the past.

But Tony knew almost everything. That was why he held his breath when he felt the atmosphere in the room get heavier. It seemed like there was an invisible hand grabbing his neck, making it hard for him to breathe.

Years back, when Mr. Long was still in charge of the Dragon Island, there was a big oil project on Sun Island which was worth about a billion. The entire money of the Dragon Empire Group was invested in this project. If the project was canceled, there would have been unspeakable damage, not only to the Dragon Empire Group, but also to the economy of the Dragon Island. This would have also affected the power of the Long family on the island. But Mr. Long still canceled the 'crystal' project for his wife despite everyone's objection.

Richie stared at his cold and arrogant son for a moment, then the corners of his lips lifted into a smirk. He said in a cold tone, "I had a back-up plan that would have definitely worked. How about you?"

Brian also had a smirk on his face after hearing his father's words. His sharp face showed confidence that couldn't be ignored. He opened his mouth and slowly asked his father, "How are you so sure that I don't have a back-up plan too?"

"Your back-up plan? You mean throwing Justin in jail, thus making the conservative faction and the reformist faction stop their fight due to societal pressure?" Richie's tone was extremely cold, as if the person he was talking to was not his own son at all. His words were laced with mockery. It sounded like he found it very funny that his son would have such a ridiculous back-up plan. With his sharp gaze on Brian's face, he continued, "Is that really your so-called back-up plan? Is that really your trump card? If so, I don't know what to say."

Brian squinted his eyes at his father and his jaw tightened a bit. He replied in an indifferent tone, "I will handle the consequences. This is my choice and my decision. You

ide to see him. A satiric smirk appeared on his face as he listened to her. To be honest, he didn't give a damn about her. Hell, he even found it ridiculous that Jenifer had become such a nuisance. The whole process had not gone exactly as he had planned and wanted. But still, he got what he wanted in the end. He was quite satisfied with the result. Right now, the conservative faction and the reformist faction were still in the middle of a terrific fight. And no matter how things would turn out in the end, he would not be threatened anymore. And he was happy about it.

Edgar grabbed his phone and casually dialed a number he remembered well. He put the phone to his ear, waiting for the other end to pick up. After he heard the click on the other end, he slowly said, "The matter has been taken care of and the result is apparent."

"It looks like we will all get what we want after all."

Edgar's lip curled into a knowing smile, "Yeah. Everything is settled. It is a good feeling, now that we are all back at the start line again."

There was a loud laugh from the other end. Then the voice said, "Good luck to you. Hope you get what you want and be happy with Molly."

"Yes." Edgar ended the call. He withdrew his gaze from the screen of his phone and walked back to his office table. There was a document on his computer screen. It was the project which Jenifer had sent to Justin. He deleted the document with a cold smirk on his face.

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