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   Chapter 402 For Her, He Would Do Anything! (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7020

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At the villa

Molly was sitting on the sofa in the large living room watching television. Her eyes shifted to the gate once in a while, as if she was expecting someone to come in any moment. However, every time she looked, she was disappointed.

Wing and Weston were standing at the stairs on the third floor. Wing had been observing Molly for some time now. Finally, she could not help but smile happily.

"Why do you always pay attention to everybody else's problem except your own?!" Weston said with an expression of dissatisfaction on his face. He looked like a young married woman who was being bullied by her mother-in-law. Any stranger who saw him right now wouldn't believe that he was a musician.

"Weston, what are you mumbling about?" Wing asked casually while still looking at Molly.

"Nothing," Weston said hastily, "I was just wondering if this girl has fallen in love with my brother-in-law."

Wing turned around swiftly and asked, "Who is your brother-in-law?"

"Brian, of course," Weston said seriously. But when he realized that Wing was about to get angry, he said hastily, "Okay, okay. He is not my brother-in-law...yet. Wing, why don't you go downstairs and comfort her?"

Wing raised one of her arms and hit Weston with her elbow with very little force. When Weston pretended to be in pain, she smiled gently and went downstairs.

Hearing footsteps behind her, Molly turned and greeted, "Wing!"

Wing smiled brightly and sat next to Molly. She looked at the gate and said, "Brian went to the hospital to get his wound cleaned."

"I...I... I wasn't looking for him."

"Hmm..." Wing sang intentionally and soon she burst into laughter. She changed the topic of conversation and talked to Molly casually for a while. Then she asked suddenly, "Molly, if some issues happen between you and Brian again, will you leave him

?" Molly didn't know what to say.

Seeing the apparent answer on Molly's face, Wing slowly said, "There is something here that needs to be considered carefully. After what happened at the Phoenix Mountain, do you still intend to l

all in the mood to care about her eyes. She repeated, "You have seen the news... So..."

"Just leave it to me. I'll handle it," Brian interrupted Molly. His eyes turned into an ominous black shade when he saw the man who had pushed open the door and walked in without permission. He spoke slowly into the phone, "I have something to do here. You stay at home. I will have supper with you at home in the evening."

Brian hung up, leaving Molly holding the phone in a state of daze. However, her previous worries were replaced by some other emotion which was brought upon by Brian's words, 'I will have supper with you at home'.


At that very moment, Emp Exchange was overwhelmed by a false sense of peace, like the one at a battlefield right before a war broke out.

Neither Harrow nor Tony dared to say a word or even take a loud breath while they silently watched the father-son duo at a stalemate in front of them, both of whom looked like kings. While the two of them stared at each other without either of them willing to give in, the air around them started freezing with a menacing chill.

"How dare you!" Richie's eyes, which were as black as obsidian, might have looked like a peaceful sea surface, but in fact, fury was rolling underneath them.

Brian sneered and said indifferently, "I have done so much for her. How could there be anything else that I would not dare do?"

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