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   Chapter 401 For Her, He Would Do Anything! (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6444

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?" Elias was a little surprised as he was not expecting to see Brian in the office. After a pause, he hastily said, "Emperor, Miss Xia's retinas are an exact match for Miss Yan!"

Brian looked at Elias coldly. He knew that there was a high possibility that Molly's retinas would be suitable for Becky. If this possibility was confirmed earlier, he would not have hesitated about making a decision. Becky would have been his priority and he would have asked the doctors to go through with the surgery to take Molly's retinas. But now, he didn't have to even ask himself whether he would do it, because the answer would be an absolute no.

Brian's eyes were so menacing that Elias thought his heart might stop beating. With a worried expression on his face, he said, "Emperor, I'm afraid that Miss Yan will turn permanently blind if her retinas are not replaced right away."

'In this lifetime, Brian, I don't ever want to see again, if it means you will accompany me all your life.'

Becky's words echoed in his head. He frowned and his black eyes turned darker. He neither wanted to give her Molly's retinas nor did he ever wanted to leave Molly.

"In one month," Brian said in a deep and cold voice, "I will find another pair of suitable retinas for Becky."

Without bothering about the distressed look on Elias' face, Brian turned around and asked Dr. Wang, "How serious is the issue with Molly's eyes?"

With the examination report back in his hand, Dr. Wang explained, "Due to the previous inflammation and the irritation caused by the flash bomb, the capillaries of her ophthalmic nervous tissue have slightly burst, which will not have any significant impact unless the nervous tissue is irritated by external factors again."

Brian nodded and left Dr. Wang's office. When he brushed past Elias, he paused and said, "Don't bother Molly again."

Elias shrugged nervously. He really didn't give a c

s standing by Eric's side, was ready to deal with any emergency.

None of the men said a word. Instead, they moved aside to give way to Farrell who strolled into the office. As soon as she saw Farrell, Lenny dropped her guard.

Farrell walked to Eric and bowed slightly. He always had a poker face, and now he looked even stiffer with age. He said, "Mr. Eric Long, my Young Master has ordered me to bring you back."

That said, without waiting for Eric to say anything, Farrell stood straight and gave his orders to the shadows, directing them to bring Eric along, who still could not walk properly because of his injured leg.

Eric's face was overwhelmed by defeat as he sat in a private luxury airplane flying to Dragon Island. He had not said a word since he saw Farrell at the hospital.

Lenny sat silently as she knew the situation they were in. If it was anybody else, her Young Master would have resisted, but it was Farrell who had come. He not only represented the Master, but also embodied a debt of gratitude from the Young Master. It was because of this debt of gratitude from many years ago that her Young Master could not resist being brought back.

Brian did not know that Eric was being taken back secretly. At the moment, he was waiting for a fierce storm!

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