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   Chapter 400 A Sorrowful Time (Part Three)

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Molly's eyes were getting more swollen and her hands were trembling harder as she kept reading the letter. Soon tears fell down from her face and soaked the paper. She was overwhelmed to say the least. She didn't expect all of this to happen so soon.

Molly clenched her fists close crumpling the letter. She raised her head and looked at Brian accusingly. "You had them watched! Why? Why did they leave? Why didn't you stop them?"

Brian felt his soul tearing into pieces as he watched Molly cry. He was having a hard time breathing, but he feigned nonchalance and slowly spoke, "You asked me to set them free."

Molly physically staggered at Brian's words. Brian caught her immediately feeling regretful of what he had said.

Molly's lips trembled as she murmured, "Why? Why did they leave just like that? Without telling me? Am I such a heavy burden to them? Nobody wants me..."

Brian held her tighter and reminded her firmly, "Molly, don't ever say that again. You are not a burden and you have never been a burden. From now on, I'm going to be by your side all my life no matter what happens. I promise, okay?"

Molly was too dejected to notice Brian's promise. She was still hung up on Steven leaving her. She couldn't stop crying, feeling abandoned and alone.

Soon, Molly fell asleep from crying. Brian carried her to his car and drove back to the villa. He chose not to take her back to the hospital because he thought being there might not make her feel better.

Brian could already tell something was wrong the moment they arrived at the villa. When he got out of the car, he started to look around. He spotted a black Mercedes Benz parked across his. He frowned at this and walked towards the car door on Molly's side. He picked her up and headed towards the villa.

The closer he got to the villa, the stranger it was getting. Even the air seemed to be too stuffy.

Brian pushed the gate open and there he saw were two people — two people he knew so well he could tell who they were even with their backs turned.

Sprawled across the sofa were Wing and Weston. The moment they recognized Brian and Molly, their expressions changed. They turned their

n, Brian still hadn't come home.


The sun was already shining brightly when Brian left the casino with Tony and Harrow. Even though they didn't sleep a wink, they didn't look like that at all.

"Mr. Brian Long, let me drive you to the hospital to have your wounds treated," Tony offered.

"I'm good. I can drive myself there. You and Harrow may leave now. I'll call you if I need anything."

Tony and Harrow looked at each other before nodding yes. Brian got into his car and drove to the hospital

When Brian arrived at the hospital, he hesitated about which button he was going to push — the VIP floor or the Ophthalmology Department. He went with the latter.

The elevator halted with a loud ding. Brian went straight to Molly's doctor, ignoring all the greetings of the nurses and doctors he had passed.

The doctor was surprised to see Brian visiting him so early. He stood up to greet him, "Good morning, Mr. Brian Long!"

"Is Molly Xia's report ready?" Brian inquired.

"Yes, it's ready." The doctor paused for a while before adding, "Elias took it away. He came here earlier to take some samples and he saw Miss Xia's report. He took it away. He said he was going to study it."

Brian frowned at this. When he was just about to open his mouth to respond, he was interrupted by the sound of footsteps hurrying.

"I've found it!" Elias cried as he entered the office. "Miss Xia's corneas match Miss Yan's perfectly!"

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