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   Chapter 399 A Sorrowful Time (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6521

Updated: 2019-03-22 00:02

Becky looked miserable. She turned the other way and a bitter smile appeared on her face. "But you've found the right person with corneas that will fit mine, right?" she asked, slowly as if she was choosing her words carefully.

Brian scowled as he stayed silent, waiting for what else Becky was going to say.

"The person is Molly Xia, right? That's her name?" She curled her lips starting to get sarcastic. "It turns out she is my sister. My dad just told me about it today. How ironic. I thought this happened on TV."

Brian knitted his eyebrows, trying to put the pieces together. 'Molly is Justin's daughter, not Rory's, so that makes her Becky's cousin. But Rory and Justin are twins, so they have the same DNA. So it would make sense that Molly's corneas would match Becky's, ' he concluded in his mind.

"If I have to choose between being with you and getting to see again, I'd rather be blind all my life." Tears streamed down Becky's cheeks as she pleaded, "Brian, you won't leave me, right?"

Brian gazed at her tear-stained face and kept silent for a while before speaking, "The snow's getting worse. Let's go back inside." He took her cold hand in his in an attempt to lead her back inside.

But Becky remained still. She asked him again, raising her voice, "Are you going to leave me? And you won't let me have Molly's corneas, right? Why do you like her? Why are you choosing her over me?"

Becky's voice was getting louder and louder, soon she burst into laughter that later turned into tears - she was mocking herself for losing in this love triangle.

Brian continued to gaze at her for a while before he let her go and said firmly, "Since I did promise you, I'll keep my word and you'll be able to see again."

Then he quickly turned around and headed for the stairs. He knew what Becky was trying to do — she was trying to get him to leave Molly while making sure that she could still get her corneas. But Brian unders

ooped in and grabbed the letter from the man's hand and started to read it.

Dear Molly, When you read this letter, I might have already left with your mom and Daniel. I know you've always wanted to be free, and I know I was too selfish before. Let's leave it all behind; past is past. But at least, I can say I'm worthy of my comrades now.

Your mom and I have decided to leave the city and now you're free. You may either go back to Rory Yan or live a happy life alone. No one will ever hold you back. From now on, you will only need to take care of yourself.

In the past few years, you've sacrificed a lot for this family and I'm very grateful for that. Though I haven't been able to thank you directly, I'm fully aware of what you've done for our family. Now that we're gone, and you're free of burden. You must take good care of yourself and find a man who will devote himself to you, okay?

Don't try to look for me or your mom, and don't worry about your mom's health. The second treatment was a complete success. Your mom and I have decided that we should enjoy the present instead of dwelling on the past. Let bygones be bygones as they say, right?

Molly, please forgive our selfishness. We decided to leave without saying goodbye to you because we didn't know how to face you...

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