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   Chapter 396 She Is The True Love Of My Life (Part Two)

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At the restaurant.

Brian didn't ask Molly what she wanted to eat. He randomly ordered some light dishes on the menu. When the food was served, Molly frowned and her mouth twitched.

Looking at the expression on her face, a small smile appeared on Brian's thin lips, "Wing said that you had hardly eaten anything while I was unconscious."

Molly pursed her lips. Brian got injured because he was trying to protect her, and had sunk into a short coma. She was too worried about him to eat.

Leaning forward, Brian looked at Molly's thin and pale face. It killed him to see that she was thin and gaunt. But he still acted aloof, "Well, it's no wonder you fainted in my arms."

Molly's face turned red. She stared at Brian, wide-eyed, then she looked around and saw that no one had noticed them. Then she whispered to him, "You are so cheeky!"

"Yes, I am," Brian replied. He didn't mind her cursing him. He put a bowl of millet congee in front of her and said to her bossily, "Eat this."

Molly was angry and embarrassed. 'What a volatile man!' Molly said to herself.

"You have known that I am an erratic man since the day we met ." Brian raised his eyebrows and looked at Molly with his dark eyes.

Molly was so startled by his words that she almost dropped her spoon. She looked at him in confusion. It was like Brian had read her mind.

Picking up his glass of water, Brian said, "Mol, I always know what's going on in that head of yours. Don't forget about your promise. If you dare leave me, I'll break your legs and make you stay."

Brian looked dead serious.

Clenching the spoon in her hand, Molly stayed silent. She lowered her head and started eating slowly.

But Brian only said that because he knew that they loved each other. And they'd be together forever, just like Shirley and Richie. The thought made him happy.

"After you finish eating, I'll take you to the Empire Hospital to check your eyes," Brian said.

Molly didn't give much thought to what he said. She just ate quietly. Her eyes did feel uncomfortable and strained. She wondered if it was because of the flash grenades. Suddenly, Molly looked up at Brian in a state of

voice. He quickly hung up and headed to where Daniel was staying.

The nerves on his left arm were hurt during the fight the other day, so he couldn't properly control the steering wheel, but he drove the car as fast as he could.

When he arrived, Brian quickly got out of the car. People who were standing guard by the door bowed low to him. Brian walked straight into the house without even sparing them a glance.

"Mr. Brian Long." men in the house all bowed to him. Tony walked up to him and gave him the details of Daniel's condition. He said, "Mr. Brian Long, Daniel is quite young. He wouldn't be able to get clean by himself. But if we inject another drug into his body…"

Tony broke off and looked at Brian. The look on Brian's face was cold, but his eyes were burning. He walked towards Daniel who was writhing in bed. Brian glowered. He had promised Mol to take her to see Daniel. But here, Daniel was squirming in bed. How could he let her see her poor brother in this condition?

"Steven doesn't want to cremate Sharon's body yet. He wants Miss. Xia and Daniel to see her one last time," Tony said calmly and his eyes were fixed on Brian.

Brian withdrew his eyes from Daniel, and said slowly, "You know how to handle this."

Tony lowered his head and nodded. Brian walked past him and said in a cold voice, "Tell Vincent to ask Ghost to come over and see me."

Tony stared at him in amazement, then replied, "Yes, Sir."

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