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   Chapter 394 Same Hospital Bed, Different Intimacy (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6274

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Molly nestled into Brian's arms, and she was overwhelmed by the smell of blood and Brian. It was unpleasant because it reminded her of what had happened that night. The bloody scene unfolded before her.


That fateful night, they were in the helicopter and Tony frowned. He looked at Brian and then told Molly that Brian had taken the impact of the crash to protect her, especially when he hit against the giant rock. He had tried his best to avoid getting hit in his vital parts, but still his internal organs were wounded.

Even though he was in tremendous pain, he still managed to remain awake, his gun gripped tightly in his hand. It was not until he heard Tony's voice and saw his figure approaching that he finally let his guard down and passed out.

Back then, Molly just took shelter inside Brian's arms, her eyelashes shivering in fear. She remembered Tony telling her, "You are indeed like what Mr. Brian Long had said, a nuisance.

If it wasn't for you, Mr. Brian Long wouldn't have been so seriously injured. Even when Mr. Brian Long was unable to hold on any longer, he managed to stay conscious. Miss Molly Xia, if I had known that your presence would end up bringing Mr. Brian Long into such a dire situation, I would have killed you in secret a long time back.


Tony's words still rang fresh in her ear. Molly crouched into Brian's arms, on the brink of tears once again. Yes, if it wasn't for her, Bri wouldn't have got wounded, and all these things wouldn't have happened.

"What are you thinking?" Brian asked, sensing Molly's sadness.

"Brian," Molly sobbed, "Haven't you made promises to everyone? Will you live up to your promises no matter how much you have to pay for it?"

Brian raised his brows and answered coldly, "Everyone? Huh... Molly, you think I make promises to every Tom, Jack and Harry?"

Molly looked up at Brian,

had the sweet scent of sex and pleasure.

Molly stared at the man on top of her. Her eyes shifted to the blood-stained bandage on his left shoulder. She closed her eyes again. She was satisfied now.

'Bri, I'm sorry. I cannot keep my promise. I don't want to be a nuisance to you and I don't want to be the third wheel between you and Becky, ' Molly said to herself.

Molly closed her eyes tightly and held onto Brian's strong back. Moaning, she matched his movements willingly, to leave herself a few precious memories.

Outside, the snow was still dancing in the air. And inside the ward, it was all sweet and sensual. Their moaning was music to their ears.

When they were done, Brian looked gently at Molly, who was sound asleep in his arms. He embraced her even tighter, provoking a sharp pain from his shoulder and his bruised abdomen, reminding him of the crazy sex they had moments ago. But the pain didn't bother him at all. Only such an ache could remind him that Molly was the one.

"Molly, don't leave me," Brian murmured. His eyes were shut and his chin was nestled on her head. He whispered, "If you dare try to leave me, I will break your leg so that you will never be able to flee away from me for the rest of your life."

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