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   Chapter 393 Same Hospital Bed, Different Intimacy (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6245

Updated: 2019-03-20 23:07

"Molly, you stay here,"

Brian ordered.

His words stopped everyone's steps, especially that of Becky's and Eric's.

Becky turned her head back in reflex despite her vision loss, whereas Eric just gaped at Molly.

The atmosphere instantly turned heavy. Harrow and Tony exchanged looks. Harrow was enjoying the show, while Tony put on a solemn look.

Wing looked at Brian, then at Molly. At last, she glanced around and said, "Let's go."

She took the lead to step outside, followed by Harrow, Tony and the medical staff. But three people remained still -- Eric, Becky and Molly.

Becky clenched her fists inside the sleeves of her hospital dress with a sneering smile, not sure herself if it was directed at others, or at herself. She stiffly turned around and walked out, telling herself again and again that she must put up with all these things.

Eric kept his eyes on Molly. He had not moved at all since the moment Brian had asked her to stay. Eric's face was less playful now, and more mature and serious. Deep down, he was hoping, 'Little Molly, don't stay.'

Molly looked at the exhausted Brian. Her heart overflowed with guilt when she thought back to what had happened in the Phoenix Mountain. She was awake on the way back. And her heart was torn apart at the sight of Brian who was unconscious with blood at the corner of his mouth.

She remembered him saying, 'I won't let you get injured. Do you believe in me?'

And he delivered on his promise both times. He protected her. But in doing so, he wounded himself, and this time it was even more serious.

Molly stared affectionately at Brian. A few seconds later, her eyes began to feel heavy with tears. She blinked, then said, "I'm a bit tired. You need some rest too."

Molly turned around, trying not to think about what had happened that night when Brian had been undergoing the s

That topic stung her. She stiffened, then pushed him away and stepped back.

Her move turned Brian's eyes deep and icy. He sneered, "Molly, are you pushing me away now?"

Molly pressed her lips together, her eyes on Brian's bleak look. She shook her head, then answered in a hoarse voice, " Bri, how about you lie on the bed now? I will call the nurse over."

"There's no need for that." Brian was getting enraged by Molly's continuous rejection. But when he noticed her look of plea, he compromised, "If you lie with me, I will get on the bed and have some rest."

"But..." Molly hesitated.

"Eric said that you barely got any rest these past three days," Brian said while leading Molly to the bed. He pushed her down. Together with her, Brian also lay on the bed, "I'll sleep with you."

Molly blushed. She struggled to get up, but Brian stopped her with a cold warning, "You can struggle, but I won't let you go. Remember, I have an injury on my shoulder."

Molly glanced at Brian's left shoulder. She saw blood stains on the gown.

She lay still on the bed meekly. Brian put on a victorious smile, held her in his arms, and covered themselves with the quilt.

Snow was falling outside like little elves dancing in the air.

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