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   Chapter 391 Doomed As Suitor; Destined As Beloved (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5958

Updated: 2019-03-20 05:59

Frowning, Brian surveyed the area with eagle-eyed precision. Thick branches blocked his vision. He turned around to check on the exhausted Molly and remembered it would be impossible for her to make it. He cursed inwardly for not considering her state as he planned their way out.

"Let's take a break, okay?" he told Molly. He knew how dangerous it could be to stop in an area where they were exposed, but Brian was more worried about Molly than he was for himself.

Molly nodded as she was really spent. Her legs were heavy. She slumped into a rock and had no energy to talk.

Standing beside Molly, Brian continued to inspect their surroundings. He thought Howard was conceited. But what about himself? Was he not the same way?

All of a sudden, Brian instinctively moved his head as he sensed a bullet whistling towards them. He dropped down to the ground and pushed Molly to take cover. The first bullet narrowly missed them. Brian fired his weapon to retaliate. He heard another shot fired from their left side.

Without thinking, Brian jumped to Molly's side to cover her and fired again. He kept Molly pressed close to him.

Gunshots were still ringing in her ears. Molly was holding her breath, for fear of being exposed to more gunfire. It was a great relief to feel Brian shielding her with his body. She believed that he would not let her get hurt. Molly trusted him with her whole heart and knew she could always count on Brian to protect her.

Meanwhile, Howard, also in night vision goggles, believed he was standing on the spot where Brian was killed when Mr. Yan started the whole plan for his sister.

"Fire your guns!" he ordered. He was sure of one thing: Brian couldn't take on so many people.

But he was proven wrong and realized he underestimate

e holding Molly. Another explosion followed that had Howard getting down on the ground.

It was quiet for several minutes. Howard slowly stood up and put his goggles back on, but he was too late. Brian and Molly - the thorns on his side - were nowhere to be seen.

He stepped forward to inspect the area when all of a sudden, he heard running footsteps coming from the forest. His face tightened as he screamed, "Enemies!"

His snipers were all shocked by his pronouncement. How could people get up here when their defense at the bottom of the mountain was so strong?

Tony led Mr. Shen and his men up the mountain in the cover of darkness. He followed the marks along the path left by Brian intended to help rescue him and Molly. When Tony heard the final explosion, he knew it was a distress signal from his boss. They fled to the basin without running into enemies. Now, they confronted Howard and his men. A fierce battle raged between the two teams.

Meanwhile, Brian continued rolling down while holding on to Molly. Brambles slashed through their coats. The girl had lost consciousness because of the powerful explosion, and Brian kept forcing his sore eyes to stay open.

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