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   Chapter 390 Doomed As Suitor; Destined As Beloved (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5961

Updated: 2019-03-20 00:12

Brian pulled Molly out of the way and raised his arm to fire twice. A bullet intended for either of them missed its target. Brian's first shot caught the man who was aiming at them. He died quickly and was never able to fire back. Another sniper, who was getting ready to use his machine gun, was Brian's second victim in the dark.

His practiced eyes roamed the area as they continued to move forward. Brian wanted to make sure no one was hiding in the dark ready to surprise them. Even though the path was rough and dangerous, Brian estimated they could reach the peak near L City once they come through the forest and pass the river basin.

Howard may be smart, but he had a fatal weakness. He was conceited.

Having lost out twice to him, Brian was determined to get even this time. Anyone familiar with Phoenix Mountain should know the path that led out of it. But it required passing the river basin, which had too many hidden spots that were dangerous.

The sound of gunfire from the foot of the mountain faded then finally disappeared as Brian and Molly kept on climbing. The only sounds now were the whisper of the wind blowing through dried grass. Molly had no idea how long they have been traveling. Once her eyes had adjusted to the dark, she could make out vague outlines around her. She stumbled, slowing down her brisk pace. Just ahead was a desolate land area, but the well-worn path they passed earlier was no longer there. Brambles crunched loudly as she and Brian stepped on them, making the situation more creepy.

No longer able to feel her legs, Molly trudged after Brian mechanically. She didn't know where he was leading her to, but she felt safe with him.

Suddenly, Brian stopped and turned around. He looked at Molly's tired face, glistening with sw

at Eric. Known for his notoriety, the man knew everything that was happening in A City and would have preferred to stay away from the place were it not for Shirley. And while he knew Brian could handle matters himself, Mr. Shen did not want him to risk his life.

With Sacred Domain's help, there was no need for Eric to dial the number that he was hesitant to call earlier. Justin didn't expect a gangland organization to dare go up against the government because they would not win. But something changed after they got involved.

The gunbattle at the foot of the mountain was still raging. But there was now a ray of hope for Brian and Molly, who were trapped inside.

Tightening his hold on Molly, Brian led her to safety. Molly gritted her teeth in exhaustion and only kept her chin up through sheer willpower.

They made it through the mountainside when Brian suddenly halted. They only had to cross the basin to reach L City. The problem now was navigating the steep slope ahead of them. Molly and Brian had to be very careful because the danger was slipping and getting entangled in prickly shrubs. And getting caught in brambles made them an easy target for the enemies.

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