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   Chapter 389 Doomed As Suitor; Destined As Beloved (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5641

Updated: 2019-03-20 00:02

"I will drag you to hell if I die!" He growled the words, and it felt like a hammer smashing her heart. For a while, her brain turned blank.

At the foot of the mountain...

Through her night vision binoculars, Jenifer watched Brian and Molly flirting. Her lips twitched with a hint of mockery as she put the binoculars down and took her phone out. The call went through and with an icy tone, she said, "Mr. Yan, I've taken care of the first part of the plan. The rest is up to you."

Justin chuckled but his face hardened. "Ah, so we can pull out two thorns in our flesh this time. Then we can relax," he said.

Her laughter stopped him momentarily. "It's too early to jump to that conclusion. I don't think Mr. Brian Long came here alone," Jenifer advised him.

She ended the call with a brittle laugh. Jenifer walked down the hilltop opposite Phoenix Mountain. Everything she did had a purpose. After being told Molly had left the hospital, she borrowed Edgar's car and drove around town in search of the woman. When she found her, there was only one goal, and that was to let Brian know Molly got off from Edgar's car.

She knew very little about Mr. Brian Long. But she knew what men were like, especially when it came to women they love. They wanted to control everything, and jealousy consumed them where their beloved was concerned. No matter how smart they were, men were all the same when it came to love. Jenifer was sure Brian would come to Molly's rescue as long as he still loved her. Even if he knew he could be falling into a trap.

She kept running the plan in her head as she made her way down to the bottom of the hill. Someone was running towards her. Jeni

ned bleak. Brian and Molly, both trapped in the mountain, were very important to him. The way things were going, no one from the team could come to their rescue. Still, he had to do something.

As they reached the half-way point, the air was becoming heavier making it more difficult to breathe. Beneath the sweat, Brian's distinct features remained sharp. He kept advancing with Molly right behind him. He knew the situation was becoming increasingly dangerous the closer they were to the enemies.

Nearly breathless, Molly couldn't understand why Brian refused to head down the mountain even though it was more dangerous at the bottom than at the top. The girl was trying not to imagine how disastrous it would be for her and Brian if they were trapped there.

Suddenly, Brian seemed to have read her mind. He asked, "Do you hear gunfire down there?"

"Yes," Molly replied while biting her lips. The sound of gunshots nearly made her heart jump.

"Our men down there must have thwarted their main firepower," Brian said. He was hoping it would finally spell death for the enemies. "Now, its time," he grunted.

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