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   Chapter 387 The Wait For The Truth (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6344

Updated: 2019-03-19 09:35

Located at the boundary between A City and L City, Phoenix Mountain was more beautiful during summer. Many people often visited the mountain to climb, exercise and go for a picnic. Above anything else, it was said to be the most favorite spot for camping. Thus, it was considered to be the place where most love affairs take place in A City and L City. Even during winter, people continued to come here crazily. During such cold days, what they were here for was as clear as daylight.

Not uttering a single word, Brian continued to drive head-on while taking a glance at Molly every once in a while. Molly became more reluctant on her plans as they approached the mountain. All this time, Brian was patiently waiting for Molly to tell him the truth.

However, when they arrived at Phoenix Mountain, Molly remained silent and didn't even open her mouth. She just bit her lips hard with her hands rotating ceaselessly.

Brian stopped the car at the foot of Phoenix Mountain. With an empty face, he glanced at Molly who was staring blankly at the sight of the mountain that was in front of her. He got off the car and looked around. His eyes turned deep.

After getting off, he took out the bag that Tony sent from the back seat and opened it. He indifferently threw an outdoor jacket to Molly and slowly said, "Put it on, unless you want to be frozen to death."

Still uneasy, Molly grasped the jacket and continued to look around the somewhat desolated Phoenix Mountain from being covered with snow. While Brian was putting on his outdoor jacket, she said without any hesitation, "Bri, how about we go back?" Molly could no longer continue to pretend.

Brian slightly raised his eyebrows, while a trace of joy flashed in his eyes. But as he turned around to look at Molly, he covered his emotions and stared blankly at her to maintain his coolness. He then asked, "Why? Don't you want to cli

ng her sincere and worry-filled words, he stared at Molly and asked, "You asked me to accompany you. But now, are you just going to escape after lighting the fire?"

Those words made Molly more anxious so that she was about to burst in tears. She said without any hesitation, "Bri, I brought you here on purpose. They threatened me with Daniel's life and forced me to bring you here. Please, I beg you. Let's go back, okay?"

After hearing the truth, Brian's eyes were filled with happiness. But because it was too dark and fog covered their path, Molly didn't see his reaction. Molly's anxiety grew even more.

"Mol," Brian raised his hand and softly brushed Molly's cheeks, which was blown cold by the night wind. His fingertips were reluctant to leave her beautiful face. When yesterday he had made it clear how deeply he loved Molly, he had promised in his heart that he would continue to treat her well unless she would betray him. Different from the promise he had made to Becky, this one was rooted from his heart. He then said softly, "Now that we're here, it would be a pity if we go down now."

After saying his words, there was not enough time for Molly to think about what he meant when a faint light flashed behind Brian, speeding towards him.

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