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   Chapter 385 The Wait For The Truth (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6196

Updated: 2019-03-19 00:12

Upon saying her last few words, Becky could no longer stop her tears from falling and started to cry her heart out. Her vacant eyes looked even more sorrowful.

"Becky, listen to me," Brian said in a comforting tone. Brian stood up and squinted slightly. He looked at her with his deep eyes and said in a cold tone, "You mustn't go anywhere until you get your eyes fixed. You are not allowed to go anywhere without me. Got it?"

After saying his words angrily, he walked past Becky and left the room with a complex expression on his sculptural face. As his hands touched the doorknob, he heard Becky's faint voice from behind. She sounded so heartbreaking and desperate.

"Bri, aren't you a bit too cruel to me?" Becky asked with tears streaming down her face. The pain she was feeling could no longer be hidden. Despite being in tears, Becky let out a laugh filled with mockery. "I clearly heard what Elias said. If I can't find a suitable donor for my retinas, something more complicated and dreadful will happen. Worst, I will never be able to see. So now, tell me. Tell why should I not leave?" Becky said. "I am no longer of any use to you now. Will you just let me live here and slowly watch your heart wither away from me?" she further added in hopes to let him understand how she felt. "Be honest with me, are you punishing me for keeping a lukewarm relationship with you for all these years?" her words pierced in Brian's heart like a stab of a knife.

Upon hearing that, Brian tightened his grip on the doorknob so that his strength let out a sound. Becky's words sounded like she was digging her own pain, but all of them directed to his aching heart. For so many years, she had been the only woman he had ever loved so dearly. He had even once sworn to love and pamper her for the rest of their lives. But now...

"If by chance you'll n

into the car and started the engine. They soon left the hospital.

Not being able to knock out of her own anxiety, Molly remained not quite herself until they were quite far away from the hospital. "Where… where are we going?" she asked with a puzzled face.

"I'm sending you back to the villa," Brian said coldly. "Wing might have been bored for being alone!" he added.

"What about you?" Molly replied. "Where are you heading after?" as soon as she let out her words, she immediately regretted asking her questions.

Brian took a glance at Molly and saw that she turned her face away from him nervously. With an almost invisible smile at the corner of his mouth, he said, "I have something else to do!"

Molly did not expect that Brian would answer her question. She turned her head towards him and looked at him. She was hesitant to speak and was pushing and pulling threads for several times before finally giving up. She dropped her shoulder and sat on the seat limply, with her fingers rotating ceaselessly. She did not know what to do.

Brian looked at Molly with his sharp eyes. Her expressions betrayed herself. While withdrawing his sight ahead, he said slowly, "You don't want to go back to the villa, do you?"

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