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   Chapter 384 The Wait For The Truth (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5360

Updated: 2019-03-19 00:02

Brian did not go to the hospital until it was afternoon.

When he arrived, he was in a rush to see Becky.

As he pushed the door of the ward, he saw Becky getting checked-up by Elias. Elias simply took a glance at Brian but neither said a word to him nor paused the checkup. It was not until he finished that he said in a serious tone, "I'm not too optimistic about Ms. Yan's condition. If we can't find a suitable retina donor to replace hers in the near future, I'm afraid it might be too late even if we successfully finish the surgery."

Upon hearing Elias' word, Brian's mind became blank and an almost invisible frown curled into his lips. He took a slight glance at Becky with his falcon eyes and coldly asked, "How long do you mean by 'near future'?"

Seeing the worried look of Brian, Elias paused for a while and said in reply, "At most, one month. That will put her in a safe place."

Without saying a word, Brian nodded and gave a hint for Elias to head out of the ward first. Grasping the situation, Elias nodded in reply and shrugged as he walked out of the ward. For the past few days, they had found retinas which seemed suitable for Becky. However, after going through them individually last night, Elias ended up disappointed for none perfectly fitted Becky.

As he headed slowly towards Becky, Brian silently sat down beside her. Looking at her calm face, his heart started to be filled with pain. He pulled Becky's hands and slowly caressed them while saying in a low and magnetic voice, "Becky…"

Feeling Brian's worries, Becky quickly interrupted his words and said, "Bri,

re," Becky said as if she is about to cry again.

Looking at Becky, with his thin lips closed, Brian suddenly burst into a laugh. His deep eyes were filled with anger. He asked, "Well, Becky, are you forcing me?"

After hearing that, she was puzzled by his reaction and the smile of self-mockery on her moth became heavier. Becky paused for a while. "Bri, I deserve all this, right?" Becky asked. "When you wanted me, I didn't cherish your feelings and wandered between you and Eric. But now that my feelings for you are clear, you no longer want me and have already given me up," she continued explaining the reason for her words. "I am suffering all these because of what I have done to you, right? Then what do you expect me to do if I stay here?" Becky's words started to reflect her real emotions. After taking a pause, she continued, "Should I live in darkness and witness your change of heart?" Becky's voice cracked as she explained how she felt. Her mind was filled with scenarios that made her heart grew more weary by the thought of Brian leaving her.

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