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   Chapter 383 Night of Decision (Part Five)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6427

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Without saying another word, Brian walked out of the EMP office. He drove directly to the hospital. When he reached the hospital, he didn't look for Molly and Becky. Instead, he went directly to Wing and brought her back to the mansion. He got a phone call from Weston in the afternoon, he didn't want to push Wing too hard. Nevertheless, whether Wing liked it or not, he had to bring her to the auditorium this time.

He had no objection to his thoughts. He didn't care whether Weston would be hurt, all he was concerned about was Wing's happiness. That's his number one priority and nothing else. Also, no one knew how much longer Wing could hold on. He wouldn't allow himself to hinder Wing's happiness merely because of a Weston!

That night, the wind began to intensify as the night deepened. The "whirring" sound of the wind rustled along the trees, making it sway violently. The eerie atmosphere seemed to portray an imminent disaster, it was uncanny and terrifying.

The following day dawned dully. The dense layers of fog wafted in the air, everything was covered in dreary frost. The temperature had slumped noticeably after a whole night of roaring northern wind.

However, the air inside the hospital was still warm and cozy. The powerful air conditioner was blowing warm and comfortable air over the people throughout the day and through the night.

Molly watched Eric exercising in the gym. He seemed to be getting fitter and healthier by the day. Her eyelids felt heavy. It felt as though she didn't sleep a wink last night, no matter how weary and sleepy she was. Disturbing nightmares kept her awake all through the night until she finally dozed off in the early morning. Her heart still lingered on what had happened yesterday. She still had no idea what to do next.

She hadn't seen Brian since their dinner the night before yesterday. Now it's almost noon and still no sight of him. Molly's heart

long well with Molly, Eric had already learned how to read her expressions perfectly. He could easily see from her eyes that she was lying. He felt disappointed that Molly didn't feel close to him enough to confide in him. He felt estranged.

Noting the dismal look on Eric's face, Molly knew that he was not convinced by her lie. She smiled brightly, trying to cover up the panic in her heart. "I was having nightmares all night long, so my head was woozy when I woke up this morning…"

Eric frowned worriedly. He was about to ask her if she was feeling better but Molly got in ahead of him. "Have you finished your exercise?" she asked in a solicitous tone.

"Nope!" Eric grinned. Sensing that Molly was avoiding the subject, Eric let it drop. He knew that whatever it was that's bothering Molly, he would find out by other means. After appeasing Molly for a moment, he went back to his exercise. But before he left, he signaled Lenny to track Molly.

Molly stood for a while watching Eric do his exercise. Inside her heart, a storm was raging. She felt helplessness as if she was about to drown and there was nothing to keep her afloat. The night was coming soon, the appointed night. 'How should I choose? Is it even a choice?' she muttered under her breath in anguish.

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