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   Chapter 381 Night of Decision (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6253

Updated: 2019-03-18 10:12

Molly looked at Jenifer, horrified. Her breath stuck in her throat. There were no words to describe her fury. 'How dare she threaten to hurt the people I care about?' Molly thought furiously. Turning to Jennifer she asked through clenched teeth, "Jenifer, why are you being so cruel? What on earth are you planning to do?"

"What do I want to do?" Jenifer sneered, "Okay, let me tell it to you straight. I just want Edgar to be settled in the State Parliament. If he loses this time, Grandpa will give up on him. When that happens, he has no other option but to die!"

Molly stared dumbly at Jenifer. Nothing she had just said made sense to her. With a look of puzzlement in her face, she asked, "You want Edgar to be in the State Parliament, then what does it have to do with Daniel and Brian?"

Jenifer smiled contemptuously. "It had nothing to do with Daniel or Brian. It's all because of you!" Her eyes hardened. "Molly, Edgar came to A City in the hopes of achieving his goal and fulfilling his dream. But after you showed up, all his plans went up in smoke. He lost his passion to fight for power. He even abandoned his dream of claiming A City casino after he found out about your illicit affair with Brian. In the past, he sacrificed his freedom for you. And now, he is sacrificing his future career and even his life, for you! Molly, you are a threat to everyone around you. You are the true menace. Because of your selfishness, you put everyone that cares about you in danger!"

Hate spewed out from Jenifer's eyes. Thinking about Edgar deepened her anger towards Molly.

The angry words hit Molly hard and made her think. She knew that Edgar will always have a place in her heart. She also knew that it wasn't only because of the way he protected her since she was a little girl. But also, because he was the first man she ever worshiped and felt intimate

have fallen head over heels with that man. Then leave Daniel and Edgar be, and live happily ever after with Brian. It's all up to you, Brian or Daniel and Edgar? Who lives or dies, it's your choice! Now get the hell out of my car!" Jenifer shouted shrilly.

Without waiting for Molly's response, she reached over and opened the side door. Pushing Molly's arm, she thrust her out of the car and pulled the door shut. She drove off, leaving a cloud of smoke on her wake.

Molly stared helplessly at the disappearing car. She couldn't believe what just transpired. She hoped that it was just a bad dream and that she would wake up soon. Looking down on her clenched fist she found the crumpled note, the proof that this was all real and not just a dream. She clutched her chest which felt like it's about to explode. All of it looked all so unfair. How could she choose between the man she loved, her brother and her childhood protector? She couldn't forgive herself if any one of them got hurt because of her. She could feel a hysterical laughter rising from her throat, but she fought it, forcing herself to calm down. Looking around, she realized that the place where Jenifer dropped her was not too far from the Dragon Empire Group Hospital.

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